The Collections Services department cares for our collections.

Heather Caven: Head of Collections Services

Specific responsibility: Overall responsibility for the department and general policy on collections management and conservation.

Collections Development

This section manages the policies, procedures and standards relating to Collections Development. This involves documentation, acquisitions, disposals and information storage issues. The section also manages strategic projects to standardise information within the National Museums Scotland Collections Information System (AdLib).

  • Pam Babes: Collections Development Manager
  • Jo Macrae: Acquisitions Officer
  • Stuart Brown: Documentation Officer
  • Angus Kneale: Collections System Manager

Collections Care

This section manages the policies, procedures and standards relating to Collections Care. Specifically this involves the section in managing storage, object movement and handling, preventive conservation, environment and security for the collections. It also develops strategic planning and resources for collections care in liaison with curatorial departments, conservation and facilities management.

  • Chante St Clair Inglis: Collections Storage Manager
  • Katie Haworth: Preventative Conservator
  • Katherine Mercer: Collections Management Assistant
  • Amy Romanes: Collections Management Assistant
  • Tatiana De Pede: Assistant Preventative Conservator
  • Yvonee Hodgson: Collections Move Coordinator (Masterplan)
  • Anne Marie Peckham: Project Assistant
  • Kirsty Bennell: Masterplan Project Assistant
  • Kirsty Andrews: Masterplan Project Assistant


This section facilitates both incoming and outgoing loans requests for exhibitions and displays. The loans section co-ordinates National Museums Scotland resources and is responsible for the practical arrangements from the security and venue facility assessments, to packing, transport and arranging insurance or Government Indemnity. This ensures that we maintain accountability for our collections whilst outside the museum and for objects on loan to National Museums Scotland.

  • Lyn Wall - Loans Manager
  • Lucy Malcolm Clark - Project Registrar
  • Caroline Murphy - Loans Officer
  • Katie Robson - Loans Officer


This section provides a photographic service to all departments. This includes object photography for record, conservation and publication purposes. The section also undertakes specific imaging projects in house and in partnership, and is involved in digitisation projects.

  • Neil McLean: Lead Photographer
  • Joyce Smith: Photographer
  • Graham ¬†Yule: Photographer (Masterplan)

Paper and Textile Conservation

The textile collections include costume, tapestry, flags and banners as well as smaller objects like samplers, embroidery and accessories. The paper collections feature works of art, archives, photographs and social history documents including materials as diverse as papyrus and mica.

  • Lynn McClean ACR: Head of Section and Textile Conservator
  • Irene Kirkwood: Textile Conservator
  • Miriam McLeod: Assistant Textile Conservator
  • Danielle Connolly: Assistant Textile Conservator (Masterplan)
  • Kate French: Assistant Textile Conservator (Masterplan)
  • Victoria Hanley: Paper Conservator
  • Lisa Cumming ACR: Paper Conservator

Artefact Conservation

This section covers remedial and preventive conservation on archaeological (including wet / waterlogged objects from land and marine sites and objects coming through the Treasure Trove system), historical and ethnographic objects as well as objects of a fairly recent age.

  • Dr Ticca Ogilvie, ACR: Head of Artefacts Conservation
  • Charles Stable, ACR: Artefacts Conservator
  • Diana de Bellaigue: Artefacts Conservator
  • Jane Clark, ACR: Artefacts Conservator
  • Jill Plitnikas, ACR: Artefacts Conservator (Maternity leave)

Engineering and Furniture Conservation

The Engineering section works on a wide range of objects, including transport collections and aircraft. They are also responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of working models, engines and clocks on exhibition and for working and engineering artefacts at all sites. The Furniture Conservator is responsible for the treatment and care of fine furniture and wooden artefacts throughout the collections.

  • Stuart McDonald: Head of Section
  • Thilo Burgel: Aircraft Conservator
  • Alex Walton: Assistant Technology Conservator
  • Darren Cox: Assistant Technology Conservator

Analytical Research

The Analytical Research section examines archaeological and historical objects by scientific methods to gain information about their condition, technology, history and use. Inorganic and organic materials are analysed by non-destructive and micro-analytical techniques in-house, with metals, ceramics, plastics and natural dyes being specialities.

  • Lore Troalen: Analytical Scientist

Clare McIntyre
Department Administrator

Tel: 0131 247 4073