Our World Cultures collections include internationally important material from across the globe.
SPECIAL NOTICE: The Department of World Cultures at National Museums Scotland is working on several major projects involving large-scale collection moves from June to November 2014. This work is part of the next exciting phase at National Museums Scotland developing galleries and reorganising collections at the National Museums Collections Centre. As we prepare for these moves we regret that from May 2014, access to the collections will only be possible in exceptional circumstances.

Any special requests to access the collections during this period should be made in advance. If you have any requirements to examine any of our objects, please contact the relevant Curator in the first instance or contact Maggie Briggs, Departmental Administrator, at m.briggs@nms.ac.uk or on 0131 247 4230 (Mon-Thurs 8.30:13.00).

World Cultures collection

Our collection includes artefacts from Ancient Egypt, Near Eastern archaeology (including Cyprus), ancient glass (600BC–c.AD600), a Chinese lacquer collection (200BC-c.1900), Tibetan tankhas (17th–19th centuries) and  Japanese prints (1750–20th century).

There are significant early North Athapaskan collections from the Canadian Subarctic collected by Scottish traders. There is also a collection from early exploration of the Pacific including material from Captain Cook’s voyages and the Challenger Expedition.

The Jean Jenkins collection of sound archives highlights her pioneering work in Africa, the Middle East and India gathering examples of native music in the 20th century.

The department is organised into four sections:

  • Ancient Mediterranean
  • East and Central Asia
  • Middle East and South Asia
  • Oceania, Americas, and Africa.

World Cultures department

Henrietta Lidchi: Keeper of Department of World Cultures

Responsible for: The Department of World Cultures, its staff, projects and collections.
Research interests: North American collections, particularly American Southwest; Native American jewellery from the Southwest; visual anthropology; museology; cultural policy.
Email: h.lidchi@nms.ac.uk

Friederike Voigt: Senior Curator, Middle East and South Asia

Friederike VoigtResponsible for: Managing the Middle East and South Asia section, covering the Middle East, Iran, Turkey, Central Asia and the Indian cultural area. The collections include applied arts from Islamic cultures, metalwork, glass and ceramics as well as ethnographic and archaeological collections.
Research interests: Material Culture; Iran, especially Iranian tiles and ceramics.
Email: f.voigt@nms.ac.uk

You can find out more about Friederike Voigt here.

Nicola Garside: Assistant Curator, East and Central Asia

Responsible for: Working with East and Central Asian collections; storage, preventive conservation, exhibition and loans preparation.
Research interests: Access, interpretation and audience.

Kevin McLoughlin: Principal Curator, Central and East Asia

Responsible for: Managing the Central and East Asia section, covering China, Japan, Korea and Tibet. The collections include important items of Chinese art, Ainu and prehistoric material from Japan, and ethnographic material from Tibet and Nepal.
Research interests: Chinese print and book culture; Ming period visual and material culture, Chinese Buddhism; and the display and interpretation of East Asia in the museum context.
Email: k.mcloughlin@nms.ac.uk

Dr Rosina Buckland: Senior Curator, East and Central Asia

Rosina BucklandResponsible for: Working with and researching the Japanese collections (including the prehistoric material) and the material relating to the Ainu people.
Research interests: Japanese paintings and prints of the 18th and 19th centuries; erotic art (shunga) in its social and political context; Sinophile culture in Japan of the 19th century.
Email: r.buckland@nms.ac.uk

You can find out more about Dr Rosina Buckland here.

Principal Curator, Oceania, Americas and Africa (position currently vacant)

Responsible for: Ethnographic and archaeological collections, from Africa, North and South America and the Pacific.

Ross Irving: Assistant Curator, Oceania, Americas and Africa and Ancient Mediterranean

Ross IrvingResponsible for: Working with ethnographic and archaeological collections, from Africa, North and South America, the Pacific and the Ancient Mediterranean.
Research interests: Collectors and collecting. Currently researching Scottish Egyptologist Alexander Henry Rhind and the Museum’s ethnographic boat model collection.
Email: r.irving@nms.ac.uk

You can find out more about Ross Irving here.

Dr Sarah Worden: Curator, Africa Collections

Sarah WordenResponsible for: Collections from across sub-Saharan and North-east Africa.
Research interests: Textiles, clothing and adornment, especially Hausa of Northern Nigeria.
Email: s.worden@nms.ac.uk

You can find out more about Dr Sarah Worden here.

Margaret Maitland: Curator, Ancient Mediterranean

Margaret MaitlandResponsible for: The Ancient Mediterranean collections with emphasis on managing Ancient Egyptian collections.
Research interests: Middle Kingdom Egyptian culture, especially tomb decoration, tomb models, and literature; society and identity; the history of early Egyptology.
Email: m.maitland@nms.ac.uk

You can find out more about Margaret Maitland here.

Eve Haddow: Assistant Curator – Pacific Collections Review

Eve HaddowResponsible for: Pacific Collections Review Project funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund.
Research interests: Pacific collections; colonial collecting; changing theories of representation and display within museums.
Email: e.haddow@nms.ac.uk

You can find out more about Eve Haddow here.

Rosanna Blakeley: Research Assistant, Material Encounters – reassessing military collecting in North America and Tibet

Responsible for: Researching military collecting during the Seven Years' War in North America (1754-63) and the Younghusband Mission to Tibet (1903-04). Rosanna’s post is part of short pilot project titled 'Material Encounters' funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme, which draws on both material culture and military history to reassess military collecting during these two campaigns.
Research interests: material culture; collectors and collecting; colonial encounters.
Email: r.blakeley@nms.ac.uk


Maggie Briggs
Departmental Administrator

Tel: 0131 247 4230