Get Energised is a science, engineering and technology engagement programme for a range of different audiences to investigate Scotland’s future energy needs, focusing on renewable energy.

You can find out more about the project by watching this short video.

Get Energised is a programme encouraging school pupils to explore, discover and understand renewable energy in Scotland. The programme includes:

  • Challenge Days for National Qualification Physics pupils
  • Science Investigation Days for S1-3 pupils 
  • Magic Carpet session about weather for Nursery-P1 pupils
  • Interactive STEM workshop for P5-7 pupils
  • Training and support for teachers.

These will all be available during the 2016-17 academic year.

Get Energised: Renewable Energy Challenge Days

National 3-5 Physics

Introduce your pupils to the renewable energy industry on a Challenge Day. Pupils will conduct experiments, meet high-profile industry experts and work cooperatively to undertake independent research. The day includes solar, wind, hydro and wave power challenges. Find a full outline of the workshop here.

Get Energised: Investigation Days

S1-S3 Science Pupils

Pupils will discover more about renewable energy in Scotland through a series of hands-on, group-work activities. The day will provide an introduction to the range of renewable energies in Scotland, followed by the chance for pupils to build their own hydro turbine, and engineer a wave technology model.

Get Energised: Power House

P5-P7 pupils

Find out about the different types of renewable energy sources used in Scotland, then build your own energy-efficient town. Pupils will take part in hands-on STEM activities, working in pairs, to complete the challenge.

Get Energised: Weather  

Nursery-Primary 1 pupils

Climb aboard our Magic Carpet to discover our collections through songs, stories, and hands-on activities. In this session, we investigate different types of weather. Take part in hands-on activities to find out how we use wind to generate electricity.

Get Energised for teaching staff

Get Energised CPD

Come along to our Get Energised sessions for teaching staff to discover more about renewable energy. Attendees will have the chance to try out activities, plus find out more about the practical aspects of bringing pupils along to take part in our Get Energised programme.

Teachers with a Glow login can watch our CPD session on renewable energy through the 'Watch again' feature.

Classroom resources

We also have a range of resources on renewable energy including:

The films below can be used as a basis for class discussion.

Careers in renewable energy

What’s it like to work in the renewable energy industry? In this film we hear from a range of experts and find out why it’s so important for young people to think about a future career in the STEM industries – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The film features pupils and teachers taking part in our Get Energised programme at the National Museum of Scotland.

Renewable energy talking points

Why should we develop renewable energy in Scotland? What’s exciting about renewable energy? These are just some of the talking points explored in this short film featuring pupils, teachers, and those working in the renewable energy industry. The film features pupils and teachers taking part in our Get Energised programme at the National Museum of Scotland.

Keynote speeches





Involved in the Renewable Energy Industry?

Our Get Energised programme involves a range of individuals and organisations within the renewable energy industry. If you'd like to get involved, or find out more, please get in touch with us

Get Energised is made possible by the generous support of the ScottishPower Foundation.

Scottish Power Foundation

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