Explore the world of primates in this family-friendly exhibition, suitable for P1-P7 classes.

Level: P1-P7
Cost: Free of charge. Please note, this rate is available to UK school groups only.
Length of workshop: 60 minute visit to exhibition starting at either 10:15/11:45/13:15
Pupil numbers: Max. 30 pupils per timeslot
Dates available: Fri 9 Dec 2016 – Sun 23 Apr 2017
Booking: Complete our online booking request form

Information on visiting with secondary pupils can be found here.

Stand shoulder to shoulder with our closest living relatives. Swing with the orangutans, spot one of the world’s smallest primates, the grey mouse lemur, get up close to a lowland gorilla and see if you can catch as many termites as a chimpanzee.

Explore our family tree and find out what makes us all primates. Learn how they have adapted to move around and survive in their surroundings, developing different diets and using tools to help them find food. Discover how primates communicate with each other through sounds, sight, smell and touch whether they live alone or in complex social groups. Then investigate how humans and primates co-exist today and see what steps are being taken to protect them.

Featuring more than 60 taxidermy specimens created especially for the exhibition, as well as photography, film and hands-on interactives for all ages, this immersive, child-friendly exhibition will take you into the heart of the jungle.

You can download the Monkey Business fact pack here or read our Teachers' Notes for the exhibition.