Our Art and Design collections concentrate on fine examples of European decorative art.

Representing excellence and creativity in metalwork, ceramics, glass, furniture, woodwork, dress and textiles, the collection traces a history of style and innovation from AD1100 to the present day, featuring many Scottish-made examples. From fabulous fashions to exquisite jewellery, Gothic grandeur to 1950s kitsch, amongst the 73,000 items in our collection are pieces by some of the world’s most celebrated artists and makers, alongside revolutionary designs that have become part of everyday life. 

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David Le Marchand’s Mackenzie ivories

Carved by virtuoso ivory sculptor David Le Marchand, this set of five portraits was commissioned by George Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Cromartie, in 1696.
Sarah Poses With Capra 2

Pablo Picasso's Capra

Created in 1954, this glass sculpture marked a new collaboration between Picasso, glassmaker Egidio Costantini and the famed Fucina degli Angeli in Murano, Italy.
Millennium Clock Tower Banner

Millennium clock tower

The finished clock tower echoes the form of a medieval cathedral, standing just over ten metres high. It marks the passing of time but is also a summary of the best and worst of the twentieth century.

Lucile dress

This evening dress of bright leaf green and red shot silk is by the Maison Lucile Ltd, founded by Lady Duff Gordon, and will be on display in the new galleries in 2016.
Paolozzi Plates Header

Wedgwood plates by Eduardo Paolozzi

These rare Wedgwood plates were designed by the famous Scottish artist and sculptor Sir Eduardo Paolozzi.
Mounting Back Piece

Spencer House sofa

This sofa once graced one of London’s most splendid mansions, part of an opulent 18th century interior scheme which was the height of Georgian fashion.

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