From dinosaur remains and rocks and fossils millions of years old to extinct or endangered animals and meteorites from outer space, our 10 million natural sciences objects and specimens help us understand the world around us.

Our Zoology collection documents the incredible diversity of life on earth, from miniscule insects to mighty whales, and charts the evolution of life through ever-changing habitats. The 50,000 specimens in our Geology collection cover much of Scotland’s rich geological and mineralogical diversity, helping us explore the processes that constantly shape and reshape the planet.

Blaschka model

Blaschka models

Discover how these amazing glass models have been educating and inspiring visitors for almost 150 years.

Dolly the sheep

As the first cloned mammal ever to be created from an adult cell, her birth was of huge excitement both to the scientific world and to the public.
Agate From The Heddle Collection

Heddle collection

Professor Matthew Forster Heddle was Scotland's most famous mineralogist, a renowned collector and a highly respected academic. We look after 5,700 specimens from his collection.
Moby Mouth

Moby the whale

Discover how the skull of a 40ft whale, which captured the heart of the nation, has become a permanent feature at the National Museum of Scotland.
T.rex in the Animal World gallery

Tyrannosaurus rex

Meet the 12 metre-long, spectacular life-sized skeleton cast of a T.rex, one of the star attractions at the National Museum of Scotland.

Woolly mammoth tusks

Two pieces of tusk in our collection show that some woolly mammoths made their home in Scotland, while another provides early evidence of mammoths in North America.