Build a virtual Roman fort and learn about the everyday objects Roman soldiers used.
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  • roman-boar

    Land of the Romans

    Explore the Roman Empire with this interactive map.
  • dress-a-roman-soldier

    Dress a Roman soldier

    What kind of armour did Roman soldiers wear?
  • Commemorative stone from the Antonine Wall

    Latin translators required

    Can you work out the message on the Bridgeness Slab?
  • Cramond Lioness

    Cramond lioness

    In 1997, the Cramond ferryman Robert Graham unearthed a sandstone sculpture from the mud of the River Almond, Cramond, Edinburgh. It turned out to be one of the most important Roman finds in decades.
  • Hilton of Cadboll stone

    Early Medieval Scotland

    The Early Medieval period (around AD 300 – 900) is a very important part of Scotland’s past. Coming just after the Romans left Britain and before the arrival of the Vikings, it was a time of great creativity in Scotland.
  • Lewis chessmen

    Discover the Vikings

    Test your Vikings skills in our Training School game and discover more about the famous Lewis chessmen.
  • pictish-disc

    Discover the Picts

    Who were the Picts? Where did they live and what did they wear? What do Pictish symbols mean? Explore their world with our interactive games.
  • transformasaur


    Help our dinosaur evolve to face changing conditions. How long can he survive?