Download pictures of objects from the National Museum of Scotland to colour in and keep. You can even make your own Lewis chessmen or dinosaur mask!

CBeebies Teacup Travels

The Egyptian mirror from the collection of the National Museums Scotland is featured in the Cbeebies series Teacup Travels. These playful sheets highlight some fun, creative activities linked to this series. 


Teacup Travels Blank Maps 

Use Great Aunt Lizzie’s map to draw your very own Teacup Travel adventure, and remember to carefully draw your special treasure on the teacup! 

Teacup Travels Egyptian Mirror 

Teacup Travels Museum Map 

Find out where you can discover the objects featured in Great Aunt Lizzie's teacups.


These masks are based on creatures you can find in our Natural World galleries at the National Museum of Scotland.

Bear mask


Make your own bear mask [PDF 316KB]

Be fierce as a bear when you wear this grizzly mask. Colour it in, cut it out, add some string - grrr!

Wolf mask  

Make your own wolf mask [PDF 320KB]

Feel the call of the wild with this fearsome mask. Colour it in, cut it out, add some string and get ready to howl at the moon!

 Make your own mask  

Make your own mask [PDF 235KB]

Don't fancy turning into a bear, a wolf or a dinosaur? Then why not draw your own picture on our blank mask?


 Make a fierce dinosaur mask or design your own dinosaur with our sheets created specially for you by the Beano!

Dinosaur _mask

Make a dinosaur mask [PDF 481KB]

Fan of dinosaurs? Return to the Jurassic Age with this scary dino mask. Colour in the dinosaur's head, cut him out and add some string then start hunting down your prey!


Design-a-saurus [PDF 5MB]

What would your pet dinosaur look like? Design a dino-pal with these colouring sheets from the Beano.

The Lewis Chessmen

The Lewis Chessmen live in the National Museum of Scotland. You can find out more about who they are and where they came from here.

Make your own Lewis chessmen

Make your own chessmen [PDF 122KB]

Make your own Lewis chessman King and Queen.

Colour in the Lewis chessmen

Lewis Chessmen colouring sheet [PDF 73KB]

Colour in the famous Lewis Chessmen from the National Museum of Scotland.

Objects in the National Museum of Scotland

Find out more about everything there is to see in the National Museum of Scotland here.

National Museum of Scotland colouring sheets

Visitors' favourites [PDF 729KB]

We asked our Facebook fans which objects from the National Museum of Scotland their families would like to colour in, and here are the results! From our family of lions to the giant sunfish, T-Rex to our elephant - is your favourite here?

F1 car colouring sheet

F1 car colouring sheet [PDF 48KB]

Colour in this Formula 1 racing car, which you can find in the Connect gallery at the National Museum of Scotland.

Steam engine colouring sheet

Steam engine colouring sheet [PDF 69KB]

Colour in a picture of the Ellesmere steam engine, from the National Museum of Scotland.


Bake your own Viking break

Make your own Viking bread [PDF 759KB]

This recipe is based on an analysis of Viking Age bread, found in Birka, Sweden.

Viking colouring sheets

Viking Colouring Sheets [PDF 3MB]

Colour in these Viking warriors drawn by artist Jon Hodgson.

Mammoths of the Ice Age

Draw a mammoth

Draw a mammoth [PDF 1.6MB]

Draw a mammoth with instructions created by author and artist Catherine Rayner.