As Scotland’s national museum service we engage across the nation and around the world, ensuring our collections, expertise and programmes make wide-reaching impacts beyond the walls of our museums.

Our work across Scotland delivers many outcomes: engagement with local communities, direct support for our sector, contributions to national economic and social prosperity, enjoyable and enriching opportunities for all. We deliver through a variety of activities: loans and exhibitions of our collections, expert support for our sector, learning and engagement experiences and events, partnerships and digital media. Beyond Scotland, international collaborations allow us to share knowledge, learn from others and make our treasures available to the widest possible audience. 

Sharing collections

Loans and partnerships with funders and other cultural organisations ensure our collections reach as many people as possible.


National Museums Scotland works with numerous partners throughout Scotland and the wider world.

Supporting our sector

We offer advice and support to museums across Scotland, enhancing and developing collections subject expertise through training, targeted projects and partnerships.

Reaching out

Our outreach and engagement projects expand the reach and impact of the national collections far beyond the walls of our museums.

Our international work

Our work has an impact across the world. Our international programme and partnerships aim to widen engagement and knowledge of the nation's collection for everyone.