From early scientific instruments to lighthouse optics, bicycles to space age rockets, printing presses to mobile phones, our Science and Technology galleries track the history of scientific advances and engineering innovation in Scotland and beyond – and provide you with plenty of opportunities to get hands on.

Explore space travel, energy, genetics, robotics and transport in Connect, our interactive gallery that’s as fun for adults as it is for children. Design a robot, picture yourself in outer space, get behind the wheel of an F1 car and meet one of the Museum’s most famous residents, Dolly the cloned sheep.

Try on a space suit in the Connect gallery

Above: Space exploration in Connect.

On Level 3, the Communicate gallery tells the fascinating story of human communication, from jungle drums to Morse code, telegrams to email. Remember Trimphones, red telephone boxes and mobiles the size of bricks? You’ll find them all here.

Communicate gallery

Above: Drumming in the Communicate gallery.

Shaping our World, on Level 5, explains how scientific developments over the past 150 years have revolutionised the way we live. Exploring four themes – increased understanding of the universe, revolutionary advances in civil engineering, the explosion in communications technology, and life-saving breakthroughs in medicine – this gallery is home to several scientific ‘firsts’, including John Boyd Dunlop’s first pneumatic tyre, the first business computer and the world’s first bionic arm.

Gallery closures

Please note that due to our exciting programme of work to create ten new galleries at the National Museum of Scotland, the Shaping Our World and Communicate galleries are now closed. The Connect gallery will be closing on 29 September 2014. You can find out more about the project here.

The Museum remains open throughout the redevelopment with plenty to see and do through its galleries of Natural Science, World Cultures and Scottish history and archaeology.