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Our guided tours are run by a number of enthusiastic and experienced volunteer guides. We introduce a selection of our guides below.

David delivers a number of different themed tours. He is pictured in front of this fixed azimuthal condensing lighthouse optic which was used for the River Tay, an object that features in his Scottish Lighthouses themed tour.

Meet Norman

Norman has been a volunteer guide with at the National Museum of Scotland since 1998. He enjoys the different challenges that each tour brings and that he never quite knows who will join his tour next. He is pictured here in front of The Maiden, which features in his Death, Pain and Punishment themed tour of the museum.

Meet Odile

Odile delivers tours on many subjects and is pictured here next to the Large Tree Group Tapestry, which she believes is very special. She finishes one of her 2000 Years of Textiles tours here, allowing people to sit down opposite whilst she discusses the tapestry. 

Meet Robert

Robert has been developing and delivering tours at the National Museum of Scotland since 2002. He believes it is important to have an element of humour in his tours. He loves volunteering at the museum, as it enables him to continue learning new things. 

Meet Janet

Janet has been a volunteer guide at the National Museum of Scotland since 2003. She enjoys meeting all of the visitors that join her tours, as often they are from all over the world. 

Meet John

John started volunteering with National Museums Scotland 7 years ago. He initially started attending many of the tours and talks at the museum, before joining us as a volunteer. He is pictured next to the Hilton of Cadboll stone which features in a number of his tours. He'll often ask visitors what they see in the stone, before going on to discuss this. 

Meet Sally

Sally has likes bringing history to life on her tours. When not at the museum, she is a blue badge tourist guide and particularly likes learning about Scottish history.

Meet Gordon

Gordon was a teacher before he became a volunteer guide at the National Museum of Scotland. He likes to continue to develop and share knowledge in his role as a guide. He is pictured here next to the World Cultures Arctic display, which featured in one of the first themed tours he developed. 

Meet Eric

Eric is one of our newest volunteer guides at the National Museum of Scotland. He is pictured here next to the Fossilised Tree Slice. He thinks it is a beautiful object and often features it on his tour, as it allows him to discuss the fascinating story of Scottish naturalist and conservationist John Muir. 

Meet Moira

Moira's tours normally focus on the World Cultures and Scottish History galleries. This Waka Taua (Maori war canoe) is one of her favourites, as it has a great story and she enjoys highlighting the modern conservation methods used on this object. 

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