National Museums Scotland is committed to continuously improving its environmental performance as part of a wider commitment to sustainable development.

Our role within the community is to preserve, interpret and make accessible to all, the past and present of Scotland, of other nations and cultures, and of the natural world. National Museums Scotland undertakes to make sustainability a corporate priority.

We aspire to demonstrating and communicating best environmental practice in order to reduce our impacts on the environment and promote resource efficiency both for ourselves and the wider community, in the UK and globally.

In the application of this policy we are committed to:

  • Complying with relevant environmental legislation and the principles of the “Greening Government Policy”
  • Raising and maintaining awareness by encouraging active participation corporately and individually in sustainable business practices
  • Continuing to adopt and promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources throughout all our operations
  • Preventing or minimising waste and maximising reuse and recycling opportunities
  • Minimising our consumption of natural resources and procuring sustainable materials and services
  • Promoting awareness and conservation of the natural world and cultural heritage through our internal operations, exhibitions, education and research activities
  • Encouraging the adoption of more sustainable modes of transport
  • Ensuring our use and management of hazardous materials is controlled responsibly and seeking less harmful alternatives
  • Providing the necessary resources and training needed to deliver this policy
  • Achieving continual improvement of our environmental performance through a framework of targets, monitoring and reporting.

The Trustees and senior management team acknowledge their responsibilities in delivering this policy and securing the commitment of our stakeholders, both internal and external, in its implementation.

If you have any queries regarding our sustainability policy, please email our general enquiries response team on or call 0300 123 6789 and your query will be passed to the relevant person.

Header image: View outside at the National Museum of Flight, East Fortune Airfield.

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