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Bertie's Babyccino (P1-P3)

Join Bertie as he leaves his beloved babyccinos in the city and journeys to the farm. There is something very particular that features in both of Bertie’s special worlds…milk! Learn more about the journey of milk from the farm to your fridge and have a go at making your own butter.

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Field to Fork: Beyond the White Sliced Loaf (P4-7)

Where does our food come from? Explore the importance of bread in global cultures past and present and the technology used through the years to make it.

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Field to Fork: Coos, Crowdie and Cream (P4-7)

Where does our food come from? Learn about dairy produce as a staple across many global cultures past and present, explore traditional dairy management in Scotland and discover the practical skills involved in butter-making.

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Field to Fork: Where Food Begins (P4-7)

Where does our food come from? Join us as we explore the journey of your food from the soil to your plate. Investigate food production technologies past and present, and the impact they have on the world around us and the food we eat.

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Foodie Farm (P1-3)

Which animals give us beef, mutton and pork? How does the wheat growing in a field turn into bread for your sandwiches? Investigate real objects to learn how people farmed in the past and plant some seeds to take back to school.

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Free farm tours (P1-7)

Hop aboard our Farm Explorer trailer for a short ride to our historic farm. Meet the people who work there and look after the animals. Find out what farming was like in years gone by and why we keep Ayrshire cattle and Blackface sheep.

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Magic Carpet (Nursery-P1)

Take a trip on our Magic Carpet to discover our collections through songs, stories, and hands-on activities. Choose from the following topics: The North Wind and the Sun, All the Colours of the Day and Scots Farming. This activity is perfect to pair with a free farm tour.

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Second World War: Evacuees! (P4-7)

It’s 1939 and your class has just been evacuated to Wester Kittochside Farm. Experience life as an evacuee in the countryside during the Second World War.

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