Become mini-engineers in this hands-on workshop for Early Years.

Level: Early and First (Nursery-P1)
Cost: £40
Length of workshop: 10:30/12:30 (60 mins) (check your booking for timings and arrive at the museum at least 15 minutes before the start of your workshop)
Dates available: Tue 13–Thu 15 Nov 2018, Tue 12–Thu 14 Mar 2019
Booking: Via the booking request form

How should I prepare my group/class for this workshop?

Max of 25 pupils per session. You can also visit our Science and Technology galleries before or after your session.

What will my pupils do in the workshop?

Pupils become engineers to help fix the museum’s broken clock. Through hands-on activities, pupils lead the learning, exploring pushes, pulls and twists, and discover related vocabulary using our engineer’s word wall.

Follow up activities

Visit our Imagine gallery (Level 1) and Adventure Planet (Level 5) for hands-on activities for nursery-P1 aged children.

Curriculum links





I explore sounds, letters and words, discovering how they work together, and I can use what I learn to help me as I read and write.

ENG 0-12a/LIT 0-13a/LIT 0-21a


Maths and numeracy

I have explored numbers, understanding that they represent quantities and I can use them to count, create sequences and describe order.

MNU 0-02a


Health and Wellbeing

I can describe some of the kinds of work that people do and I am finding out about the wider world of work.

HWB 0-20a / HWB 1-20a


Through everyday experiences and play with a variety of toys and other objects, I can recognise simple types of forces and describe their effects.

SCN 0-07a


I explore a variety of products covering a range of engineering disciplines.

TCH 0-12a

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