Blast off into space on our magic carpet! Dress up as astronauts and go on a journey with Space Ted in this interactive session.

Level: Early and First (Nursery-P1)
Cost: £35
Length of workshop: 60 minutes starting at either 10:15/11:15/13:15 (check your booking for timings and arrive at the museum at least 15 minutes before the start of your workshop)
Dates available: August - June, subject to availability
Booking: Complete our online booking request form.

How should I prepare my class for this workshop?

This workshop involves visiting a number of different spaces in our museum and will involve using stairs (or a lift if required). Please ensure you have taken this into account when setting adult:pupil ratios. Our carpet seats 25 children, plus adults. Everyone getting on the carpet will need to take off their shoes. If your group is larger than 25, please get in touch with us to discuss on or phone 0131 247 4041.

You can download our previsit information sheet which provides all the songs and rhymes your class will sing during the session. This is to allow you to practise before your visit.

What will my pupils do in the workshop?

Pupils will:

  • Be introduced to the topic in the gallery, using a song
  • Discover more about different planets, the sun, and the moon through games and hands-on activities
  • Hear a story and follow the adventures of Space Ted
  • Colour in a star to take back to class with you

Follow up activities

Curriculum links





As I listen and talk in different situations, I am learning to take turns and am developing my awareness of when to talk and when to listen.

LIT 0-02a / ENG 0-03a

When I engage with others, I know when and how to listen, when to talk, how much to say, when to ask questions and how to respond with respect.

LIT 1-02a


Expressive Arts

Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design.

EXA 0-05a / EXA 1-05a


I use drama to explore real and imaginary situations, helping me to understand my world. EXA 0-14a

I have developed confidence and skills in creating and presenting drama which explores real and imaginary situations, using improvisation and script.

EXA 1-14a



I have experienced the wonder of looking at the vastness of the sky, and can recognise the sun, moon and stars and link them to daily patterns of life.

SCN 0-06a

By safely observing and recording the sun and moon at various times, I can describe their patterns of movement and changes over time. I can relate these to the length of a day, a month and a year.

SCN 1-06a


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