Scottish history, nature, world cultures, science and technology, art and design – you can find it all in our programme of workshops for nursery and primary pupils.


A Jacobite Journey (P4-7)

Pupils (P4-P7) meet a Jacobite officer to discover more about the 1745 Rising in this session.

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A Viking Day Out (P3-5)

The day includes a Viking show, by actors, in our Auditorium, a gallery visit with trail and object handling encounters, led by museum staff. Suitable for P3-5 pupils. A fun, interactive way to find out more about the Vikings in Scotland!

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An Egyptian Adventure (P1-3)

Hedjet the Hippo will lead P1-3 pupils on an adventure to the coronation of a new pharaoh.

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Dinosaur Discovery (P2-4)

Explore five large packages containing real fossils, images and replicas. P2-4 pupils will work in groups to discover which dinosaur each belongs to, before revealing their findings to the class.

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Get Energised: Power House (P5-7)

Find out about the different types of renewable energy sources used in Scotland in this hands-on STEM session for P5-7 pupils.

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Get Energised: Exploring Weather & Wind (Nurs-P1)

Nursery-P1 pupils can investigate different types of weather in this hands-on session through a story, songs and STEM activities.

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Mini-Engineers: The Clock that Won't Tock (Nurs-P1)

Become mini-engineers in this hands-on workshop for Early Years.

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Museum Mystery Stories (P3-5)

Join author Mike Nicholson as part of Book Week Scotland.

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Rip It Up Exhibition (P1-7)

Visit our exhibition Rip It Up: The Story of Scottish Pop with your class.

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Robots Exhibition (P1-7)

This major exhibition tells the 500-year story of humanoid robots and what it means to be human.

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The Romans Revealed (P3-7)

P3-7 pupils can discover what life was like for the Romans in Scotland.

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Romans in Scotland - Skype in the Classroom (P1-7)

Let history come alive in this virtual field trip via Skype in the Classroom.

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Romans on the Frontier (P2-5)

Pupils (P2-P5) meet a Roman soldier in our living history session about the Romans in Scotland.

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Self-led visit (Nurs-P7)

The natural world, world cultures, science, technology, design, art and fashion, archaeology and Scottish history – whatever your topic, come on a self-led visit to find out more!

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Space Detectives (P4-7)

How do we look into space and what can we discover? P4-7 pupils will explore meteorites that have landed on Earth and make their own individual telescopes to take a closer look at the skies above us.

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Teacher-led handling boxes (Nurs-P7)

Our handling boxes contain artefacts and natural world specimens for pupils from nursery age to S6 to touch and investigate.

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Raiders and Traders: Vikings in Scotland (P3-7)

Our new session on the Vikings in Scotland gives P3-7 pupils a chance to handle real and replica objects and try out some Viking activities.

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Volcano: Seconds from Disaster (P4-7)

P4-7 pupils take on roles as politicians, scientists and community members who have to work cooperatively to decide what action they will take to survive as a volcano threatens to erupt.

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