Your pupils will discover more about the forces of flight by building three experiments of their own.

Classes: P5–7
Cost: £75
Timings: 10:15/11:45/13:15 (75 mins)
(check your booking for timings and arrive at the museum at least 15 minutes before the start of your workshop)
Dates available: Available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 17 Jan-31 March 2021

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What will my pupils do in the workshop?

By building three experiments of their own, pupils will discover more about the forces involved in flight and how aeroplanes fly.

Pupils will:

  • Learn what a force is.
  • Find out that air is stuff and can move things.
  • Learn about the four forces of flight; lift, weight, drag and thrust.
  • Fold and fly a paper aeroplane to find out about lift.
  • Make a paper rocket to find out about lift.
  • Conduct a simple experiment to find out about drag.

Your class will also be taken round the museum by a member of our Learning and Engagement Department. There will be a chance to see Scotland's Concorde alongside a Red Arrows Hawk and explore our Civil and Military Aviation Hangars to discover the stories and science behind the aircraft.

Curriculum links





By investigating forces on toys and other objects, I can predict the effect on the shape or motion of objects.

SCN 1-07a

By investigating how friction, including air resistance, affects motion, I can suggest ways to improve efficiency in moving objects.

SCN 2-07a

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