Discover what life was like for the Romans in Scotland.

Classes: P3–7
Cost: £75
Timing: 10:30/12:30 (75 mins)
Dates available: Sept – June, subject to availability 

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How should I prepare my class for this workshop?

Maximum capacity 33 children. Please split your class into four groups before your visit and assign one adult to each group. The groups will work through four activities as part of the workshop, moving around four stations. The adult will remain at the same activity and the children will move each time. The adults will be given a few minutes to familiarise themselves with the activity at the start of the workshop. 

What will my pupils do in the workshop?

Pupils will handle real and replica objects to discover what life was like for the Romans in Scotland. This session includes:

  • The chance to handle the items worn by a Roman soldier and civilians
  • Group activities which include: buying items from a Roman market stall, comparing toys and games from today with Roman times, finding out more about Roman gods, and finding out what an archaeologist does. Download our teacher and adult helper notes to find out more about each activity.

Useful resources and activities

Curriculum links






When I engage with others, I know when and how to listen, when to talk, how much to say, when to ask questions and how to respond with respect.

LIT 1-02a

When I engage with others, I can respond in ways appropriate to my role, show that I value others’ contributions and use these to build on thinking.

LIT 2-02a

Social Studies


I understand that evidence varies in the extent to which it can be trusted and can use this in learning about the past.

SOC 1-01a

I can use primary and secondary sources selectively to research events in the past.

SOC 2-01a


By exploring places, investigating artefacts and locating them in time, I have developed an awareness of the ways we remember and preserve Scotland’s history.

SOC 1-02a

I can interpret historical evidence from a range of periods to help to build a picture of Scotland’s heritage and my sense of chronology.

SOC 2-02a


I can compare aspects of people’s daily lives in the past with my own by using historical evidence or the experience of recreating an historical setting.

SOC 1-04a

I can compare and contrast a society in the past with my own and contribute to a discussion of the similarities and differences.

SOC 2-04a

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