Relive the real-life experiences of Scottish evacuees, prisoners of war, sailors and those left at home, supported by our 1940s Wartime Life resource pack.

Classes: P5–7
Cost: £25 per class
Timings: 10:30/12:30 (90 mins)
(Check your booking for timings and arrive at the museum at least 15 minutes before the start of your workshop)
Dates available: Available on Thursdays

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How should I prepare my class?

This is a teacher-led session and takes place in our Wartime Life Room. If you have booked the morning session, a member of staff will meet your class on the Esplanade, outside the Castle around 10am. We advise a prompt arrival to ensure you can start at 10.30am due to the time taken to walk to the War Museum from the Castle entrance.

Afternoon sessions will meet our staff at the War Museum and can arrive for a general visit around the Castle in the morning.

The session will be introduced by a member of museum staff who will welcome pupils and start them on their learning experience, before leaving the teacher to lead the rest of the session. A member of staff will return to provide a conclusion to the session.

The Wartime Life Room teachers guide can be downloaded along with WW2 trails for your class. After or before the workshop, you will have the opportunity to look around the museum and castle. Maximum capacity 33 children.

What will my pupils do?

Pupils will:

  • Explore the lives of four people through objects, photos and letters. A POW, a woman during wartime, an evacuee and a soldier.
  • Explore the Wartime Life Room to find out what a 1940’s living room looks like and how it differs to our homes today
  • Explore the museum galleries using our WW2 trail.

Useful resources and activities

The film below can also be watched as part of a visit to the museum, or in class.

Curriculum links




Social Studies


I can investigate a Scottish historical theme to discover how past events or the actions of individuals or groups have shaped Scottish history.



I can discuss why people and events from a particular time in the past were important, placing them within a historical sequence.

SOC 2-06a


I can compare and contrast a society in the past with my own and contribute to a discussion of the similarities and differences.

SOC 2-04a

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