Maths Week Scotland is a week of events and activity, with special events throughout 2020. Now in its fourth successful year, Maths Week Scotland took place 28 September - 4 October 2020.

What is Maths Week Scotland?

You can uncover the maths we take for granted in our lives, and see maths in a whole new light during Maths Week Scotland.

Maths Week Scotland returned for 2020 including:

  • Competitions
  • Online performances
  • Activity packs for Early, Primary and Secondary
  • Resources on maths in careers
  • Virtual teacher CLPL sessions

Find ideas, videos and activities at

Maths at National Museums Scotland

Explore our year-round online learning resources for primary and secondary pupils. 

  • Discover Edinburgh Castle through maths from the comfort of home with our online trail. How was maths used to build the castle? How did the radius of a circle help people survive a siege?
  • Find out about the importance of maths during the Second World War with a peek in our enigma machine and try cracking some codes
  • Watch our Women in Maths video series. Did any of the careers surprise you? What other careers can you think of that involve/using maths? Try creating your own video by interviewing someone you know.
  • For queries regarding schools activities at National Museums Scotland email

National Museums Scotland are funded by the Scottish Government to deliver Maths Week Scotland.

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