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Our Art, Design and Fashion collections concentrate on fine examples of applied art. They provide a broad picture of European, including British, achievements from about AD1100 onwards.

We welcome enquiries about our collections, about further research into our collections and our areas of expertise. To help you get the most out of contacting us please consider the following:

    • If you are contacting us about an item not in our collections, please send us a photograph wherever possible
    • If you would like to view items in our collection please use our collections database to identify up to 10 items, or if this is not possible give us as many details as you can about your research, the type of object and dates you are interested in
    • Most Art & Design objects cannot be removed from display for enquiries
    • We host most object viewing enquiries at our Collections Centre
    • Our Research library may be able to help you search for relevant publications
    • If you are looking to use an image, you’ll need to contact our Image Library

Art and Design department

David Forsyth: Interim Keeper, Art & Design

Smiling man in a dark blue suit standing against a railing in the National Museum's Grand Gallery.Responsible for: The overall leadership and management of the staff, projects and collections of the Department of Art & Design.
Research interests: The material culture of Jacobitism; the material culture of faith and national identity in post-mediaeval and modern Scotland.

Dr Godfrey Evans: Principal Curator, European Decorative Arts

Godfrey Evans

Collection responsibility: European sculpture, precious and base metalwork, ceramics, glass, and arms and armour from c.1500 to 1850.
Research interests: Hamilton Palace and the collections of the Dukes of Hamilton; continental silver; and Scottish fireclay sculpture.

More about Dr Godfrey Evans

Stephen Jackson: Senior Curator, Furniture and Woodwork

Curators Stephenjackson 100Px

Collection responsibility: British and European furniture and woodwork (and musical instruments, excluding bagpipes).
Research interests: Scottish furniture makers and manufacturers; representations and perceptions of domestic life and material culture in early modern Scotland.

Georgina Ripley: Principal Curator, Modern and Contemporary Design

Georgina RipleyCollection responsibility: Head of the Modern & Contemporary design section, specialising in fashion and textiles from 1850 to the present day, and the development of the contemporary fashion collections.
Research interests: Jean Muir (fl. 1962-1995); contemporary couture and new technologies in fashion; constructs of masculinity in contemporary menswear and image-making; diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry.

More about Georgina Ripley

Dr Emily Taylor: Assistant Curator, European Decorative Arts

Emily TaylorCollection responsibility: Providing curatorial support across the Art and Design department, focussed on fashion and textiles collections pre-1900, including exhibitions and enquiries.
Research interests: Eighteenth-century dress and textiles, early modern European sartorial cultures, fashion and textiles 1600 – present.

Lisa Mason: Assistant Curator, Modern and Contemporary Design

Lisa MasonCollection responsibility: Providing curatorial support across the Art and Design department, focussed on modern and contemporary collections, including exhibitions and enquiries.
Research interests: Fashion and textiles c.1900 – present, smart textiles, sustainable design.

Sarah Rothwell: Curator of Modern and Contemporary Design

Sarah RothwellCollection responsibility: British, European and other ‘Western’ glass, ceramics, metalware, jewellery and industrial design circa 1945 – present.
Research interests: Nordic and British Modernist Jewellery Design, Contemporary Craft with a focus on Ceramics, Glass and Jewellery, 20th century European Art and Design and the integration and interpretation of historical collections by working artists and makers.

Helen Wyld: Senior Curator of Historic Textiles

Collection responsibility: European textiles, 1400-1850.
Research interests: Tapestry production, patronage and use in Scotland, England and Europe, 1400 to the present; textiles associated with Mary, Queen of Scots; the Mortlake tapestry workshop under Charles I; Jacobite visual culture

Carys Wilkins: Assistant Curator, Modern and Contemporary Design

Collection responsibility: Providing curatorial support across the Art and Design department, focussed on modern and contemporary collections, including exhibitions and enquiries.
Research interests: Furniture and product design circa 1900 – present, design anthropology, design and the art market.

Claire Blakey: Curator of 19th-Century Decorative Arts

Collection responsibility: European ceramics, glass, precious and base metalwork from circa 1600 to 1900.
Research interests: Staffordshire ceramics, especially Minton & Co.; British pottery made for export; printing on pottery; the Renaissance revival in Britain and Italy.

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Art, Design and Fashion galleries

These sumptuous galleries showcase the best of decorative art, design, fashion and style.

Grammar of Ornament

Grammar of Ornament was Owen Jones’ design masterpiece. First published in 1856, the lavish folio highlighted stunning patterns, motifs and ornaments in 112 illustrated plates.

De Lucci table

This rare 17th-century table is an exceptional example of exuberant baroque design.

Clare Hyatt
Department Administrator

Tel: 0131 247 4019

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