Sankurie Pye is Curator of Invertebrate Biology.

Sankurie PyeSankurie studied Marine and Environmental Biology at the University of St. Andrews before joining the National Museums Scotland in 1997 as Assistant Curator of Marine Invertebrates, Molluscs and Lower Vertebrates. After a couple of years she took the opportunity to specialise in Molluscs.

Her research is specimen-based (fieldwork and museum collections) and her interests range from taxonomy and systematics (description, naming and study of relationships of organisms), to historical research on the collections.

She is also interested in promoting Marine Biology to non-specialist audiences through visiting schools and participating in events on the shore. Currently she is managing an international school partnership between two primary schools, one in East Lothian and one in Shimoni, Kenya. This project aims to raise awareness of marine issues on a local and global scale but also includes plenty of opportunity for cultural exchange between the children.

Current research collaborations include:

  • Dr Joanne Porter (Heriot-Watt University) - Molecular biology of Hydrobiid molluscs.
  • S. Chambers, F. Ware (NMS); S Angus (SNH); Christine Howson - Specialist Saline Lagoon species.


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