Vicen Carrió is the Conservator/Preparator of geological and paleontological material.

Vicen CarrioVicen Carrió studied Biology at the University of Valencia (Spain) before moving to Edinburgh in 1992. Having first worked with Professor Euan Clarkson in Silurian gastropod fossils, she gained funding to study the conservation of fossils, minerals and rocks. Since 1997 she has developed her career in conservation and has undertaken research in different areas of the collection, presenting numerous talks at conferences and seminars. These conferences have helped her to develop new techniques in conservation and to keep up to date with new products and technology as they are developed and she now has an international reputation as a conservator.

The collection she cares for includes approximately 75,000 minerals, 250,000 fossils and 15,000 rocks. Her responsibilities include providing advice on geological conservation, techniques and preparation to other departments within the museum and to visitors working on our collections.

Her role involves the preparation and conservation of specimens of for inclusion in our galleries, temporary or permanent exhibitions, and for research. She is experienced in a variety of physical and chemical techniques including cutting and polishing, making acetate peels, thin sectioning, moulding and casting of fossils and minerals, acid preparation, field techniques, and preventative conservation.

Vicen has recently been given the designation Accredited Conservator-Restorer (ACR), awarded by the Institute of Conservation for demonstrating a high level of proficiency in conservation practice.

Selected talks and publications

  1. Bain, D. & Carrió, V. Glyptodont. V Fossil Preparation and Collection Symposium. Seattle, April 2012.
  2. M.R. Alcalde-Fuentes & V. Carrió-Lluesma.  Alternativas de difusión del Patrimonio Paleontológico. Congreso Internacional “El Patrimonio Cultural y Natural como motor de desarrollo: investigación e innovación”.  Jaén (Spain), 26-28 January 2011.
  3. Carrió, V. Protocols of Packaging and Moving specimens: organization strategies for institutions. 3rd Annual Fossil Prep & Collection Symposium. Field Museum Chicago. April 2010.
  4. Carrió, V.  Royal Museum Project RMP. 6th Mineralogy & Museums Conference. Denver, September 2008.
  5. Crighton, B. & Carrió, V. Amber in NMS Collections. 12th Annual Conference of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. Perth, Scotland, May 2007.
  6. Crighton, B. & Carrió, V. 2007. Amber. Scottish Journal of Geology, 43(2): 89-96.
  7. Crighton, B. & Carrió, V. IV International Congress of Palaeoentomology, III World Congress on the Amber Inclusions & III International Meeting on Continental Palaeoarthropodology. Alava (Spain), May 2007.
  8. Carrió, V. El projecto Mapa geológico de Escocia.  VI Reunión Nacional de la Comisión de Patrimonio Geológico. Salardú. 7-11 July 2003.
  9. Carrió, V. & Stevenson, S. 2003. Assessment of materials used for anoxic micro-environments.  Conservation Science. 32-38
  10. Stevenson, S. & Carrió, V. Map of Scotland Project. SPPC, Cambridge September 2002.

For further publications see: National Museums Scotland Research Repository.

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