Sophie Goggins is Curator of Biomedical Science

Sophie is responsible for the medical collection including her particular specialism, contemporary biomedicine. She recently supported the development of biomedical content in the new galleries which opened as part of a major redevelopment project in 2016, leading on the biomedical interactives in the gallery.

Sophie’s research interests include: contemporary collecting in biomedicine, patient experience, and prosthetics.

Sophie was previously the Wellcome funded Assistant Curator of Biomedicine here at National Museums Scotland and prior to that on the Wellcome graduate development programme.

Image on right: Sophie Goggins with Dolly the sheep © Stewart Attwood

Selected publications

Goggins, Sophie, Phillipson, Tacye and Alberti, S J M M (2017) Prosthetic limbs on display: from maker to user. Science Museum Group Journal (8). ISSN 2054-5770

Robertson, Haileigh, Goggins, Sophie and Alberti, S J M M (2017) Collecting 21st-Century Science, Technology and Medicine in Scotland. In: Collecting 21st-Century Science, Technology and Medicine in Scotland, 6 June 2017, National Museum of Scotland

For further publications see: National Museums Scotland Research Repository.

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