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Explore past research projects at National Museums Scotland.

Highlights of past projects

Discover online resources created for past research projects, from an in-depth exploration of the Turkey Red printing industry to a partnership project focusing on Pacific objects. 

Turkey red pattern

Colouring the Nation

Discover the beauty of our Scottish Turkey red collection through this collaborative project between National Museums Scotland and the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh.

Democratising knowledge: Chambers's Encyclopaedia

Discover how the Scottish publishing firm of W. & R. Chambers pioneered the use of images in encyclopaedias and dictionaries, embedded within the body of the text.

Tibetan collection

Explore how collectors used Tibetan objects to construct both Tibet in the western imagination and to further their personal, organisational (missionary or military) and imperial desires and expectations.

Pacific Collections in Scottish Museums

Explore Pacific collections through this partnership project focusing on objects from across the region housed in Scottish museums.

The TWeed project: Evolution’s Missing Chapter

National Museums Scotland houses a world-class collection of Palaeozoic fishes and early tetrapods (animals with four limbs) and for many years this has been the focus of a number of major research programmes by scientists around the world.

The Matter of Slavery in Scotland

‘The Matter of Slavery in Scotland’ was a collaborative research project with the University of Edinburgh which explored the history and legacy of Scotland’s connections with the transatlantic slave system through objects in public collections.
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