Explore the Tibetan project findings in depth; focusing on the stories of the Tibetan collectors, their expeditions and cultural experiences in Tibet during the mid nineteenth to early twentieth century.

A history of collecting Tibet at National Museums Scotland

Discover more about the history of collecting Tibetan objects at National Museums Scotland, peaking during 1890-1930 with the Younghusband Expedition.

Missionaries and Tibetan material culture

Explore how missionaries made a significant impact on gathering the materials featured within the Tibetan collections at the National Museum of Scotland, with their materials peaking between 1890-1904.

Military collections from the Younghusband Expedition

Discover how the advent of the Younghusband Expedition resulted in the collection of Tibetan objects directly from Tibet by British military collectors.

Colonial collections

Find out more about how colonial collectors gathered a broad range of objects from areas that were, and still are, considered ethnically and culturally Tibetan to some degree, including areas of Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh and West Bengal.

Tibetan objects

Most of the objects in the Museum’s Tibetan collection were acquired in the short timespan of 1890-1930, less than a lifetime, making this collection a snapshot of the British Empire’s relationship with Tibet.

Further reading

For further reading on Tibetan culture and the collection of Tibetan material objects, please refer to the existing literature which has been collated
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