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Event National Museum of Scotland

Science Saturday: exploring the science of Doctor Who

18 Mar 2023
10:30 - 16:00

Grand Gallery (Drop in)

Meet scientists whose research might be helping to turn science fiction into science fact! Contributors include University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University and National Museums Scotland.

From AI and quantum realms to different dimensions and time travel, Science Saturday brings together expert-led activities that explore the real science behind Doctor Who's interstellar adventures.

Robot news

Fascinated by robots? Curious about Cybermen? We’re using robotic technology every day from digital devices and smartphones to virtual assistants like Alexa. Join engineers and computer scientists from Heriot-Watt University to find out more about these robotic and AI and meet our friendly humanoid robots which are used in research exploring interaction, perception, cognition and navigation.

The National Robotarium is the UK Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Based at Heriot-Watt University and in partnership with Edinburgh University, the Research Centre is a hub for innovation, exploring research themes ranging from robotics and autonomous systems (RAS), to human-robot interaction and vital healthcare technology.

A human face is digitally overlaid on a white robotic head-shaped stand. A screen controls the face's actions, with a person's hand hovering over it.

Quantum spies

Explore the mysteries of quantum informatics through this hands-on secret spy mission. Discover hidden messages, intercept communications and cover your tracks. You'll use the classic spy’s ‘tool of the trade’ - a magnifying glass – to manipulate the quantum properties of light and to find out how polarising angles in light can makes things appear – or disappear!

The Quantum Informatics group at the University of Edinburgh studies the structure, behaviour, and interactions of quantum technology, which promises unparalleled speed and security. It operates the Quantum Software Lab in collaboration with the National Quantum Computing Centre.

Two young children inquisitively lean in towards a black scientific device on a blue desk covered with scientific diagrams.

Time travellers?

The Doctor has travelled through time across the universe Meet a team of Physicists at the University of Edinburgh to find out if time travelling could actually be done and what would this might mean for our world. Explore what ‘dimensions’ mean and find out more about some of the how physics is at the heart of many of the Doctor’s adventures.

Museum show and tell

What connections are there between the iconic TV show Doctor who and the collections at National Museums Scotland? Our curators have been looking out for objects and specimens from our collections which have links to stories and themes from the show and will be talking about them at Science Saturday. Come along and find out more!

Getting here

Enter the museum from the Lothian Street entrance. Doors open at 17:45.

National Museum of Scotland
Chambers Street

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