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Museum Art Challenge 2021

29 Nov 2021 - 2 Jan 2022


The Museum Art Challenge invites you to make art inspired by our incredible collections.  

Between 29 November and 2 January we invited you to get creative and make art inspired by National Museums Scotland’s incredible collections and sites. There were 5 weekly themes to act as prompts for the challenge and get you thinking. As an extra twist, this year the themes were homophones– words that sound the same but have a different meaning, such as peace and piece. The Museum Art challenge was open to everyone - no experience necessary. 


Staff favourites

To take part we asked you to email a picture of your artwork (drawing, painting, sculpture, collage) to and you could take up the challenge every week if you wanted. We received fantastic submissions from artists of all ages and each week two staff ‘pickers’ selected their 5 favourite pieces - a very difficult task! 

If you would like to see all this year’s artworks, staff picks, or find your own entry, please follow the links to the Flickr albums below. Thank you very much to everyone who took part in Museum Art Challenge. We hope you’ll join us for more opportunities to get creative in 2022. 

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Week 1

Our first week was "Here and Hear". You can find our staff picks here.

Here and Hear
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Week 2

Our second week was "Tail and Tale". You can find our staff picks here.

Tail and Tale
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Week 3

Our third week was "Scent and Sent". You can find our staff picks here.

Scent and Sent
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Week 4

Our fourth week was "Peace and Piece". You can find our staff picks here.

Peace and Piece
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Week 5

Our final week's theme was 'Root and Route'. You can find our staff picks here.

Root & Route

Art Challenge 2021 Submissions

Here you can find all of the submissions from the Museum Art Challenge, 2021

Art Challenge 2021
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