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M193264 Ensignewart 700Px

Waterloo: After the battle

This small exhibition to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo explored the impact of the battle within Scotland, from public celebrations to political unrest, the celebrity of veterans and the birth of battlefield tourism.
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15 May - 27 September 2015


National Museum of Scotland

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  • M193264 Ensignewart 700Px

    Coloured engraving of Sergeant Charles Ewart carrying off the eagle of the French 45th Infantry at Waterloo.

  • M1950690 Pistols 700Px

    Pair of cavalry pistols, marked to the King’s German Hussars, found on the battlefield at Waterloo.

  • M193728 Musketball 700Px

    Musketball said to have lodged harmlessly in the bonnet of a Scottish officer at Waterloo.

  • K20029431 Teapot 700Px

    Small silver teapot said to have been owned by Marshal Blücher, who led the Prussian army against Napoleon at Waterloo.

  • A19767504 Sugarbowl 700Px

    Silver-gilt sugar bowl, part of a tea service made for Napoleon and acquired later by the 10th Duke of Hamilton, an admirer of the former French Emperor.

  • Battle of Waterloo commemorative jug

    Jug celebrating the return of the Black Watch to Scotland in 1816, believed to have been made at Portobello.

  • Painting of Major James Wemyss of Poole's Troop, Royal North British Dragoons (Scots Greys), oil on canvas, artist unknown, c. 1826

    Portrait of Major James Wemyss, Scots Greys, c1826. This veteran of the battle is proudly wearing his Waterloo medal.

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The highlight of the exhibition was the reunion of the only two French Napoleonic eagles captured at Waterloo, displayed together for first time in almost sixty years. The eagle of the French 45th Infantry, taken by Sergeant Ewart of the Scot Greys, was on loan from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Museum in Edinburgh Castle, while the eagle of the French 105th Infantry was on loan from The National Army Museum London.

A replica of Ewart’s Eagle was formally escorted through the Museum by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards on Thursday 14 May, before the installation of the original into the exhibition.

  • Waterloop1

    Soldiers of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards marching the replica standard and eagle through the Grand Gallery.

  • Waterloop3

    Captain Ali McLaurin of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards carries the replica standard and eagle through the Grand Gallery.

  • Guards2

    The youngest serving soldier from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards presenting Ewart’s Eagle.

  • Ewartseagle1

    Adrienne Breingan, Assistant Curator, National Museums Scotland installing Ewart's Eagle in the display.

  • Guards1

    Captain Ali McLaurin of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards with the two Eagles.

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Images in Ewart's Eagle slideshow © Neil Hanna Photography.

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