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To coincide with the announcement of the 90th Academy Awards Oscar nominations, we present six movies to help you make the most of a red carpet appearance.

Our Oscar-worthy favourites

1. Fettercairn Jewel

What would you wear to adorn your outfit at the Oscars ceremony? How about this rare and wonderful Renaissance jewel? The Fettercairn Jewel, an intricate gold pendant locket set with a large garnet, had been part of a private collection for centuries before being acquired for the national collection.

2. Massive silver chains

If you really want to make a statement, how about these huge impressive silver neck chains?  In this film, curator Alice Blackwell explains where they come from and what they symbolise.

3. Court Mantua

How would you dress to impress for the Oscar ceremony? This opulent gown, which dates from the 1750s, is thought to have belonged to the Countess of Haddington. Find out how this elaborate mantua is constructed, and how our textile conservators painstakingly brought it back to life.

4. Concorde

Arrive in style on board the supersonic Concorde. Scotland’s Concorde, Golf-Bravo Oscar Alpha Alpha, was the first of her kind to go into service with British Airways, in 1976. 8,064 flights later, she came to rest at the National Museum of Flight in East Fortune Airfield, after the Concorde fleet was decommissioned in 2003. Here you'll see an aerial view of the Concorde hangar at the National Museum of Flight, filmed by a drone.


5. Guardian figures

If your lucky enough to win an Oscar, you will receive a coveted golden statuette. These guardian figures from Ancient Egypt remind us of the golden statuette. The figures were originally attached to coffin lids and they represent protective gods such as the jackal and falcon. They would have helped transform the dead into an eternal being.  

6. Heavy Horse Show

Like our participants at the Heavy Horse Show at the National Museum of Rural Life in 2017, there are many different ways to make the best of your performance. Be guided by the horsey happenings, but remember that working with children and animals may not always go according to plan!

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