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Tamworth pigs are well suited to the Scottish climate and are one of the oldest surviving pig breeds.

Tamworth pigs have a red wiry coat which protects them from the worst elements of the weather.

In early summer they moult their hair and turn pink. The Tamworth is one of the oldest pig breeds, closely resembling the wild boar which was first domesticated thousands of years ago.

Wild boar

By Valentin Panzirsch - File:Wildschein, Nähe Pulverstampftor.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0

Above: A Roman terracotta figurine of a boar, from Burnswark, Dumfriesshire.

Today, the Tamworth pig is classed as vulnerable by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Our Tamworths regularly produce healthy litters of piglets. 

A sow is pregnant for three months, three weeks and three days and an average litter is seven piglets.

Visit our Tamworth pigs all year at the Wester Kittochside farm at the National Museum of Rural Life, East Kilbride.

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