As Scotland’s national museum service we engage across the nation and around the world, ensuring our collections, expertise and programmes make wide-reaching impacts beyond the walls of our museums.

Our work across Scotland delivers many outcomes: engagement with local communities, direct support for our sector, contributions to national economic and social prosperity, and enjoyable, and enriching opportunities for all. In 2017/18 we worked directly with 115 museums and organisations on a wide range of partnership projects including touring exhibitions, strategic loans, collections advice, learning and engagement, networking events, skills development and funding for acquisitions.

Our Across Scotland: National Strategy 2016-2020 highlights the aspirations and priorities for this work.

Our vision is: 

To engage and inspire people across Scotland by sharing our collections, their stories and our expertise for the widest benefit.

Our priorities are to:

  • Share Scotland’s Collections
  • Engage and inspire people
  • Strengthen skills and expertise.

Beyond Scotland, international collaborations allow us to share knowledge, learn from others and make our treasures available to the widest possible audience. 

Loans from our collection

From Paris to Perth, we lend objects from our collection to museums around the world. Find out where you can see our objects and how to request a loan here.
Silk embroidered postcard sent by Private William Dick to his wife in November 1915.

Touring exhibitions

Touring exhibitions are a great way to share collections across the country and develop partnerships between venues.
Paper fan depicting the Siege of Stirling, 1746, acquired by Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum

National Fund for Acquisitions

The National Fund for Acquisitions (NFA) helps museums, galleries, libraries and archives throughout Scotland to make acquisitions for their collections.

Training and guidance for museums

We can provide expert advice on collections, their identification, care and management. We also offer collections and skills training to museums in Scotland.

National projects

We are always working with other Scottish museums on partnership projects that can raise the profile of long-term preservation and engagement with collections nationally.

Our international work

Our work has an impact across the world. Our international programme and partnerships aim to widen engagement and knowledge of the nation's collection for everyone.

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