We have a long history of collaborating with museum institutions in India.

Of particular significance is our recent collaboration with the Indian Museum in Kolkata, as we share historic links between the institutions and related collections. We have continued interest in exploring opportunities with cultural institutions across India that can foster collaborations  to inform future collections development in both countries or explore opportunities for targeted skills and knowledge exchange. Our Director recently spoke at the major Museums Transformation Conference in Delhi and Kolkata as part of the British Council’s programme facilitating collaboration between the UK and India, a programme we continue to support.  

Kolkata reception for UK and Indian museums

Above: Jilly Burns, Head of National and International Partnerships, and sector colleagues with the UK Secretary of State Sajid David at the Kolkata reception for UK and Indian museums as part of a visit to renew the UK India Cultural Agreement in 2014.  

Highlights from our Indian collection can be seen in the World Cultures galleries at the National Museum of Scotland.

Collection stories
Miniature painting of the court of the Nawab of Bengal, Alivardi Khan, by a Murshidabad artist, ca. 1750.

Indian Encounters

Indian Encounters explored the changing relationships between Great Britain and India during the 18th and 19th centuries through the lives of two men with very different experiences of British imperial rule.
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