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Funding to support Maths Week Scotland 2021 Participation

Funding to support Maths Week Scotland 2021 Participation

Throughout 2021, we want to work with local museums across Scotland to integrate more maths into their museum programming. We are offering grants of up to £1,000 to enable up to 10 Scottish museums to take part in Maths Week Scotland 2021.   

Applicants should complete this application form outlining the activity they propose to run and detailing costs.

We would recommend watching these videos from our Maths in Museums workshop as part of the application process. 

The deadline for applications is Thursday 1 April 2021. If you would like to discuss your application, please contact Katie Oldfield, Maths Week Scotland Coordinator,   

What approaches will the fund support?    

This year, the ongoing impact of the public health challenges mean that activity may need to focus more on digital engagement, carefully planned school activities and opportunities for outdoor/community engagement. We will support activity along the following lines:    

  • Outdoor learning in outdoor spaces
  • Digital resources that can support learning at school or home
  • Recognition/awards for participation in activity   
  • Community events that allow local communities or existing groups to engage with maths in a new way   
  • Family activities – resources or events that encourage whole family engagement with maths   
  • Sharing maths stories within or inspired by collections and local history or geography   

Are there any priority areas?    

All applications will be considered carefully against the stated criteria for funding and we welcome any bid that seeks to address particular challenges in relation to remote and rural communities, opportunities for family and community engagement, and the provision of inspiring events or resources for school pupils.      

Maths Week Scotland aims to have a national geographical reach. Priority will be given to areas in which there is a lack of opportunity for people to engage with maths based activity.    

We are accepting applications by Thursday 1 April 2021:   

  • Applications can be for any amount between £100 - £1,000.  
  • Applications should be made using this form 
  • Funding is only available to organisations in Scotland.  
  • You can apply for any type of project, providing it meets the aims of Maths Week Scotland.    
  • Ideally activity would take place during or near Maths Week Scotland 2021 (27 September – 3 October 2021) although this is not essential. Projects require to be completed by the end of December 2021.
  • We realise your activities may need to change to adapt to changing government guidelines around the pandemic. We ask that successful applicants notify us of any adaptation that are made.   
  • All contractor and supplier invoices should be paid directly by your organisation before invoicing NMS for the total amount payable. Invoices must be accompanied by copies of receipted invoices (or other proof of payment) from your suppliers. If payment of supplier invoices in advance of receiving the grant would cause your organisation financial hardship, let us know and we can explore alternative means of payment.   
  • A short case study evaluation report will be required for the funder.   
  • If you are successful in your funding bid then we will also ask you to include to be explicit that your event is part of Maths Week Scotland.   
  • We will confirm successful projects by Friday 30 April 2021.   

How will we assess your application?   

A panel will assess your proposal based on the following criteria:   

  • How well the proposal addresses the aims and intended outcomes of Maths Week Scotland;   
  • Impact and effectiveness – including aspects relating to reach and scale of the programme for a given level of funding;    
  • Additionality – how the proposal could add value to or extend provision, including reaching new audiences and delivery of new content and approaches   
  • Geographical spread of funded projects across Scotland   

Additional information  

Conditions of Award

Successful applicants   

  • should not make changes to the project without notifying us first;
  • should carry out the project in line with the timescales given in the application.

Information on funding awarded may be made public by National Museums Scotland for promotional purposes or in response to an FOI.  

Other sources of funding  

There is no requirement to find partnership funding but please let us know of other sources of funding you will be using to develop your activities such as:   

  • A contribution from your own organisation, either financial or in-kind;   
  • Funding from public organisations and local enterprise companies; and  
  • Grants from trusts and foundations.  

Header image: © Ruth Armstrong

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