Touring exhibitions are a great way to share collections across the country and develop partnerships between venues.

We have a portfolio of exhibitions available for hire internationally. Find out more about our touring exhibitions here.

Scotland's Early Silver

This touring exhibition explores the impact of silver during the first millennium AD.

Fossil Hunters

This touring exhibition explored how life on earth moved from water onto land 360-345 million years ago. The tour has now ended.
Silk embroidered postcard sent by Private William Dick to his wife in November 1915.

Next of Kin touring project

The Next of Kin touring programme commemorated the centenary of the First World War across Scotland through a touring exhibition, learning programme and online resources.

Gifts for a Jacobite Prince

This touring display of a unique sword and targe from the collections of National Museums Scotland visited Perth Museum and Art Gallery and Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

International exhibitions

Our wide-ranging exhibition programme brings prestigious objects and artworks from around the world to audiences in Scotland, as well as showcasing our international collections.
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