Visitors are enthralled with Scottish Samplers. Find out what they’ve been saying here.
Very interesting to see the beautiful work and to learn something of the education and the stories of these young Scottish girls and women.

London, England

A superb collection, showing the skills of young girls in times past. It is interesting to think they were learning a varied curriculum via these activities.

Edinburgh, Scotland

An amazing collection. Interesting research and well worth a visit. How did they manage to do such detailed work in their lighting conditions?

Horncastle, England

An excellent way to identify how Scottish women could persist and be alive through hard times.


The exhibition is amazing! So well done - not only is the work spectacular, the stories give me a sense of who the girls were. Beautiful. Thank you.

Vancouver, Canada

This exhibition blew me away - to think that these beautiful pieces of work have survived all these years is incredible. As a needleworker myself, I am in awe of the amount of work in each piece. Absolutely stunning.

Londonderry, Northern Ireland

What a fantastic exhibition. The work has been preserved really, really well. It would be lovely to think our work will be exhibited in 200 years time!

Ballyclare, Northern Ireland

Wonderful celebration of often invisible young women of history. Concentrated education - why not just simply learn about geography and maths while you can sew too!?

Carlise, England

Surprised and pleased to see that so many motifs, patterns etc survive in modern kits and books of designs. I feel as though I'm carrying on a long tradition. Also pleased to see so many local surnames and places that I recognise.

Cupar, Scotland

Header image: Detail from the sampler by Jane Kennedy, 1819 © Leslie B. Durst Collection

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Scottish Samplers

This exhibition offered a unique insight into the lives of children in the 18th and 19th centuries through a collection of Scottish samplers on loan from American collector Leslie B. Durst.
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