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What did visitors say about Game Masters? Here’s a selection of comments from the visitors' book, press and Twitter.

In the press

"Opens the eyes as much as it feeds the imagination" - The Big Issue

"An immersive and educational experience that hits all the right buttons" - The Independent

"Slick, state-of-the-art and expanded for its European debut, Game Masters tweaks all the right pleasure centres for gamers, and seems intriguing and accessible enough to tempt neutrals into picking up a joypad" - Eurogamer

"Providing a fascinating and hyperactive journey through videogame history, Game Masters is sure to be one of the National Museum of Scotland’s most popular exhibitions to date" - Edinburgh Spotlight

"We cannot recommend Game Masters enough" -

"It is an exhibition like no other. In fact, 'exhibition' doesn't really describe what is going on here; it's more of an interaction or (dare I say) immersion. Occupying a vast upper gallery is a banging and bleeping miasma of analog fuzz and digital delirium. On entering, you are transported back to the golden age of arcade gaming.." - Scottish Review


Visitors' book

"Amazing exhibition. Made my husband feel young again.. Great way to celebrate his birthday now he's old!" - Ben & Sophie from Edinburgh

"We loved it! Critter Crunch and Fruit Ninja are awesome! We're visting for the 2nd time already!" - Visitors from Poland

"V. Good. Had so much fun. Tuesday Student Deal is such a wonderful idea. So many games. Like how it ranges from retro to current." - Alice & Anna from Edinburgh

Comments on Twitter

"I absolutely loved #GameMasters at @NtlMuseumsScot last night! SO MANY FUN THINGS. Go go go go go" - @eversojuliet

"Fantastic day at the game masters exhibition today @NtlMuseumsScot, might have to go back....... without the kids" - @Vinylvictim

"The Game Masters exhibition at National Museum of Scotland is excellent. A massive section dedicated to @TimOfLegend is a personal highlight" - @marsh_ross

"Excellent Games Master exhibition @NtlMuseumsScot. From Pacman to Minecraft. Relive your childhood!" - @TrinityPamela

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