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This exhibition has now closed.

Monkey Business let visitors get up close to the world of primates, from the tiny mouse lemur to the mighty gorilla. Featuring more than 60 taxidermy specimens created especially for the exhibition, as well as photography, film and hands-on interactives for all ages, this immersive, family-friendly exhibition took visitors into the heart of the jungle.

The exhibition is now touring internationally – you can find out more about the tour here.

All the taxidermy specimens in the exhibition are animals that have died naturally in captivity. No animals were harmed for this exhibition.

Inside the exhibition

Photos © Phil Wilkinson.

Visitors' views

Behind the scenes

How do you prepare over 60 taxidermy specimens for display? The slideshow and film below shows how the monkeys, apes and other primates have been primped and preened for their moment in their spotlight.

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Monkey Business Lunch

Feed the monkeys their favourite food in this fast-paced game. Watch out for Big G the gorilla - he's always hungry! And don't let those pesky Venus Fly Traps steal the primates' lunch...

Which primate are you?

Which primate are you?

Monkeys! A Primate Story

Monkeys! is a major family-friendly exhibition which explores the fascinating world of primates. Presented within an immersive, multisensory and specimen-rich environment, the exhibition brings innovative taxidermy to life and invites visitors to meet both their primate ancestors and today’s apes and monkeys.
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9 Dec 2016 - 23 Apr 2017


Exhibition Gallery 1

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