Ronnie GurrRonnie Gurr, music business manager, Hanging Around Books publisher and Rip it Up exhibition consultant, shares his top 12 tracks inspired by the exhibition. In no particular order...

  1. Simple Minds: Changeling
    From The Minds’ second album, 1979’s Real To Real Cacophony. A massively brave artistic leap into the European dark. From dark ambient imagined film soundtracks to Euro-influenced mekanik dance numbers, it set up the following year's equally brilliant Empires and Dance. Simply groundbreaking.
  2. Sensational Alex Harvey Band: The Faith Healer
    At The Odeon in Edinburgh on the SAHB's 1976 tour, my 17-year old self was totally sold from the opening pulsing throb.
  3. Average White Band: Keepin' It To Myself
    From 1974’s legendary White album. Who’d have guessed that it would be fellow Scots that would open up my exploration of the wider world of Soul music? For that, eternal thanks to Messrs. Gorrie, Stuart, Ball, McIntosh, Duncan and McIntyre.
  4. The Skids: Of One Skin
    Visceral punk rock that showed that Scots bands could not only compete with London and Manchester outfits but could also better them.
  5. Big Country: Just A Shadow
    Stuart Adamson: incomparable brilliance. Rest In Peace pal.
  6. Frankie Miller: I Know Why The Sun Don’t Shine
    Our very own Otis Redding. Still sounds like a classic.
  7. Associates: Tell Me Easter’s On Friday
    What drama! What grandeur! Where did that come from? Dundee, Linlithgow… and outer space. 
  8. The Blue Nile: Tinseltown In The Rain
    First heard during my time at Virgin Records in London. We simply had to sign this and we did. Timeless and classically original.
  9. John Martyn: Solid Air
    Freshers Week, Edinburgh University 1975, Martyn and his echoplex effects pedal made turned me into a lifelong fan.
  10. Danny Wilson: Mary’s Prayer
    I heard a demo tape by the band then known as Spencer Tracy and fought the competition tooth and nail to sign the Dundonian trio responsible for this classic pop song. Loved working with Gary, Ged and Kit and if this is the only song you know by them, please investigate the Meet Danny Wilson and Bebop MopTop albums for more exquisite musical gems.
  11. Cocteau Twins: Sugar Hiccup
    Taking their name from an early Simple Minds song, nobody ever sounded (or will sound) like Grangemouth’s finest.
  12. The Big Dish: Slide
    Formed in 1983, Airdrie’s The Big Dish was the musical vehicle for the now highly regarded painter Steven Lindsay. Again, an honour and privilege to have worked with this massively underrated band and songwriter.

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