Vic GallowayDJ Vic Galloway, author of the forthcoming Rip It Up book, shares his top Scottish tracks.

Top 20 Scottish tracks

  1. The Beatstalkers – You’d better get a hold on
    A fizzy, mod stomper from Scotland’s No.1 beat group.
  2. The Poets – That’s the way it’s got to be
    A freakbeat 60s masterpiece and great on a dancefloor.
  3. Alex Harvey – Midnight Moses
    Scotland’s first rocker gets soulful on this brilliant brass-infused 1969 single.
  4. Average White Band – Pick up the pieces
    A monstrous instrumental that everyone knows, but still sounds fresh and funky
  5. John Martyn – Go Down Easy
    Slinky, soulful and dreamy – my favourite off Solid Air.
  6. AC/DC – Riff Raff (LIVE)
    Yes, they’re Scottish! The LIVE version of this on the If you want blood… LP is one of the greatest rock’n’roll statements ever.
  7. Orange Juice – Blueboy
    Their second single with a stuttering, addictive groove and singalong chorus. My favourite OJ song.
  8. Simple Minds – Theme for great cities
    Minimal synths, huge bassline and funky drums – a superb instrumental with anthemic melody.
  9. The Jesus & Mary Chain – Never Understand
    Life changing when I heard it as a 13 year old. Still gives me shivers and makes my ears bleed!
  10. Teenage Fanclub – Everything flows
    First TFC tune I heard, and I was smitten. Noisy guitars and melancholy melodies…
  11. Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers
    My favourite Scottish act of all time? An utterly unique piece of music from Blue Bell Knoll.
  12. Primal Scream – Don’t Fight It, Feel It
    Screamadelica was a game-changer for everyone who heard it, and on this one I love the dub.
  13. Belle & Sebastian – Seeing Other People
    From the incredible ‘If you’re feeling sinister’ album and an underrated, piano-driven tune.
  14. The Beta Band – Inner Meet Me
    Hard to choose one track, but this is a mantra-like psych opus from The Patty Patty Sound EP.
  15. Mogwai – Hunted by a freak
    The instrumental rock behemoths with one of their signature pieces, it spirals and weaves its strange melody into your mind.
  16. Franz Ferdinand – (Dark of the) Matineé
    From a bonafide classic pop debut, this is the stand-out track full of melodic and rhythmic twists and turns.
  17. King Creosote – 678
    The most prolific songwriter of his generation, I’ve chosen a song of hope that’s made me cry on occasion when he’s played it LIVE.
  18. Frightened Rabbit – Head Rolls Off
    Another song of hope from a special, intimate and honest songwriter, Scott Hutchison - made all the more poignant after the tragic news of May 2018.
  19. The Phantom Band – The Howling
    A sprawling epic that encompasses krautrock, indie, folk and psychedelia. Great band!
  20. Hudson Mohawke – Fuse
    An irresistible earworm with the best wibbly keyboard sound over the sound of instrumental, stadium hip-hop. Aces.

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Edinburgh Top 10

  1. Bert Jansch – Angie
    Signature guitar instrumental made world-famous by the man himself…
  2. The Rezillos – (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
    Punk pop at its best – fast, frenetic, packed full of melody with daft lyrics and art-school suss. Love it.
  3. Scars – Horrorshow
    Scotland’s post-punk ground zero… snarling, surreal, feral fun. You can hear the song on YouTube here.
  4. Fire Engines – Candyskin
    Wonky, off-kilter and sugar-sweet, the scratchy Beefheart-lovers add strings and make their finest single. You can hear the song on YouTube here.
  5. Finitribe – De-Testimony
    Loved by the Balearic house scene and proto-industrialists alike, this bell-sampling oddity is a slice of 80s dance culture and a… tune!
  6. Goodbye Mr Mackenzie – The Rattler
    An 80s anthem and a single which should have been #1 for months…
  7. Idlewild – Roseability
    From 100 Broken Windows and perfectly balancing loud guitars, literary affectations and subtle Smiths-esque melodies.
  8. Boards of Canada – ROYGBIV
    Revered as global electronica pioneers for good reason, this track is ominous, apocalyptic and full of some kind of futuristic hope.
  9. Aberfeldy – Love is an Arrow
    A knowingly perfect pop song with some of the best rhyming couplets in any song ever.
  10. Young Fathers – Get Up
    One of the most exciting bands in the world, both LIVE and on record, with a call to arms and a call to the dancefloor!

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