Author Lindsay Shen explores the rich and eventful history of this metal that is both precious and useful.

From silver spoons to silver bullets, silver permeates our everyday culture and language. For millennia we've used it to buy what we need, adorn our bodies and trumpet our social status. Once valued primarily for its beauty and rarity, silver is now also exploited for its chemistry, used in modern-day textiles, electronics and medical devices.

Join author Lindsay Shen for a discussion of a metal that is both precious and useful, with a rich and eventful history.

Scotland’s Early Silver  
follows three years of research supported by The Glenmorangie Company.


Header image: Half of a shallow silver bowl decorated with the head of Hercules, and featuring hunting scenes on the outside, from Traprain Law, East Lothian, AD 410–425.

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9 Nov 2017
19:00 – 20:15. Doors open 18:15 for a complimentary glass of Glenmorangie Original, courtesy of our partner.


Auditorium, Level 1. Entry via Lothian Street.

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