Encounter diverse peoples, cultures and objects, and discover how we differ and what we all share.

Explore objects on display drawn from the museum’s oldest and most important historical collections and find out how they demonstrate Scotland's international links.

Join us for our exciting programme of daily guided themed tours, or book a private tour as an individual or group. Choose from the World Cultures themes below. Contact tours@nms.ac.uk for further information and a tour request form.

Animals and People in the Arctic

How have Arctic animals, native peoples and European colonists adapted to the Canadian Arctic? Find out on this tour.  

Galleries: Animal World, World Cultures, and Industry and Empire.

Birds in Nature, Mythology and Art

Explore the evolution of birds and learn how they have adapted to many environments, and encounter birds as supernatural figures in mythology and religion and in decorative art.

Galleries: Animal World and Living Lands.

Chess, Chintz and Curry

Explore the exchange of goods and ideas between India and Europe, with a particular focus on Scotland’s involvement.

Galleries: World Cultures galleries, Discoveries, Fashion and Style and Scottish galleries.

Feisty Females

Discover stories of women travellers and explorers, women who ruled and women who fought for their art.

Galleries: Artistic Legacies, Facing the Sea, Living Lands and Discoveries.

French Connections

Explore artefacts associated with France, including objects linked to Mary, Queen of Scots and Napoleon, and find out why and when they came into the National Museums Scotland collection.

Galleries: Kingdom of the Scots, Scotland Transformed, Making and Creating, Art of Living and Traditions in Sculpture.

Scotland's Pacific Connections

Explore the links between Scotland and the Pacific Ocean region, travel to the region and artistic cross-fertilization.

Galleries: World Cultures, Discoveries, Grand Gallery and Scottish Galleries.

Stone Stories

People's imaginations are stirred by stones. Discover what stones tell us about the past, from ancient fossils to Pictish artefacts.

Galleries: Grand Gallery, Window on the World, Earth in Space, Restless Earth, Kingdom of the Scots and Beginnings.

Writing through the ages

Exploring writing tools and instruments used from Ancient Egypt to the Second World War and encompasses a wide range of objects from a mummy coffin to an Enigma encoding machine.

Galleries: Discoveries, Early People, Artistic Legacies, Design for Living and Communicate.

Header image: Passenger toboggan on display in Living Lands at National Museum of Scotland.

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World Cultures galleries

How can you travel around the world without leaving Scotland? By visiting our World Cultures galleries.
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Private Booked Tours for Individuals and Groups

All our tours are available as private, booked tours.

The cost of a private, booked tour is £5.00 per person (we make a minimum charge of £50.00 per guided group).  One guide is allocated to every 15 people. 

Tours are subject to guide availability and a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice is requested. Please contact tours@nms.ac.uk for further information and tour request form.

Daily Themed Tour

Times: 15:00 (1 hr)
Cost: Free

Join us for our exciting programme of tours with a different theme each day. Meet at the Tour Meeting Point, Entrance Hall, Level 0. Find out more about themed tours in January.

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