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School Visits to Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder

Visit our Doctor Who World of Wonder exhibition with your class. Bookings are now open.

Introduction to the exhibition

A thrilling exploration of the science behind the long-running hit series, Doctor Who, for fans and newcomers alike.

Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder features eight zones filled with immersive, hands-on experiences. Travel through the Time Vortex Corridor, discover Sonic Screwdrivers, teleportation technology and much more in a TARDIS Tech room, and get up close with some of the series' weird and wonderful creatures in the Monster Vault.

This must-see exhibition brings a scientific perspective to The Doctor's adventures, drawing on content from across the full canon of Doctor Who. Is time travel possible? Could complex life exist on other planets? And what would you sound like as a Dalek?

Join us for the Scottish premiere of this ground-breaking exhibition. It's bigger on the inside!


Presented by Sarner International under license from BBC Studios.

Venue supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Exhibition information


National Museum of Scotland


Open to all ages



Advice to Teachers/Educators:

This exhibition may be busy. We recommend splitting your class into smaller groups to go round the exhibition. 


9 Dec 2022–1 May 2023


Pupils £6, 

Adults one free adult ticket for every five pupils (additional adults are charged at £10.80)



Book now

Complete the booking form to request an exhibition visit.

Request a visit

On the day

Practical Information

Practical information for the exhibition visit

  • Visitors will be asked to follow the current museum guidelines detailed
  • Time slots for visiting the exhibition are 90 minutes, unless otherwise stated on your booking. Please adhere to your time slot. Pupils should be split into groups of 15 plus adults and each group taken into the exhibition in 45 minute intervals. 
  • The exhibition has background music, sound, and moving images throughout. 

During you visit

Explore our galleries before or after your visit to the exhibition for a range of relevant objects:

  • Discover more of our science collections throughout the building. 

Terms and Conditions

Terms of booking

  • Scottish State schools should raise a Purchase Order through their Local Authority procurement system for the maximum cost of charged sessions.
  • Purchase Order numbers should be notified to at least 7 days in advance of the visit.
  • For sessions charged per pupil, schools will be charged for the number of pupils booked, unless 10 days advance notice of change in numbers is notified to

Cancellation Policy

  • National Museums Scotland reserve the right to charge a fee for short notice cancellations or no-shows.
  • Bookings cancelled less than 3 weeks prior to the visit may incur an administration fee of 50% of the value of chargeable events.
  • Bookings cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to the visit may incur an administration fee of 100% of the value of chargeable events.
  • No-show or last-minute cancellations of free workshops or staff-led sessions may incur a £50.00 administration fee
  • In certain circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions, National Museums Scotland may waive the administration fee
  • Cancellations should be notified in writing to

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