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"Buried for more than a thousand years, the Galloway Hoard is the richest collection of rare and unique Viking-age objects ever found in Britain. To keep the Hoard together and unlock its secrets, we need to raise £1.98 million by 12 November.
"This is the most exciting discovery I’ve come across in my time as an archaeologist and curator. Nothing like this has ever been found in Britain before. It’s vital that we don’t lose it now."

– Dr Martin Goldberg, Senior Curator, Early Medieval and Viking Collections


Martin Goldberg examining items from the Galloway Hoard

“Wow! A simply stunning hoard. The exquisite bird-shaped pin alone makes it absolutely unique in British history. Please let’s make sure it stays in the possession of National Museums Scotland. They’re uniquely qualified to do the years of detailed research the hoard will generate.”

– Sir Tony Robinson

Sir Tony Robinson supports our campaign to save the Galloway Hoard 

Why is the Hoard important?

The Galloway Hoard is the richest Viking-age collection discovered anywhere in Britain, and its incredible variety vividly illustrates a time of voyaging and trade in distant lands. With your support, the precious items in the Hoard – some of which have never before been found in Britain – can speak to us across the centuries and teach us things we’ve never imagined about our ancestors, history and heritage.

You can see a selection of items from the Hoard in the slideshow below:


The Hoard was discovered by a metal detectorist in 2014. The importance of this discovery was obvious from the start. The first objects found were valuable silver ingots, prized Viking-age arm-rings, and a silver pendant Christian cross, depicting the Four Evangelists.

Even more remarkable was that beneath this top layer, and under a layer of gravel, were buried yet more rare and cherished treasures: brooches, beads, a delicately crafted gold pin in the shape of a bird, and a small jar cut from rock crystal that probably originated far away from Scotland, perhaps in the Middle East. Some of the silver arm-rings have writing on them which signifies four named individuals. Who they were is a secret locked inside the collection, one of the many secrets it holds.

Each story of each object has come together in the Hoard, and then lain buried, locked for more than a thousand years. We want to bring those stories back to life and make sure anyone and everyone who wants to can find them here in the national collection.

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About the Galloway Hoard

Discover how your donation can help save this internationally important treasure and unlock the secrets it holds.

The Galloway Hoard

The Galloway Hoard brings together the richest collection of rare and unique Viking-age objects ever found in Britain or Ireland.

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Be among the first to see unique and rare Viking-age objects that have lain hidden for a thousand years.
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