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What is the Galloway Hoard?

Uncovered by a metal-detectorist in Dumfries and Galloway, the Galloway Hoard brings together an outstanding range of silver, gold and jewelled treasure from across Britain, the Holy Roman and Byzantine Empires, and perhaps even further afield. Uniquely, textiles, leather and wooden fragments will provide an opportunity to research materials frequently used in the past, but which rarely survive.

Why is the Galloway Hoard important?

The Galloway Hoard brings together the richest collection of rare and unique Viking-age objects ever found in Britain or Ireland. Of international significance, it includes silver, gold and jewelled treasure from across Ireland, the Anglo-Saxon world, the Holy Roman Empire, Byzantium and beyond. Other finds from around Britain and Ireland have been exceptional for a single class of object, for example, silver brooches or a gold ingot. The Galloway Hoard brings together a stunning variety of objects in one discovery, hinting at hitherto unknown connections between people across Europe and perhaps much further afield. It also contains objects which have never before been discovered in a hoard of this age and some which are utterly unique.

Incredibly, textiles, leather and wooden fragments have also survived, providing an extremely rare opportunity to research and reveal many lost aspects of the Viking Age.

Why now? What’s the urgency?

We have six months (from May 2017 to November 2017) to raise the funds required to save the Galloway Hoard for the nation.

Why do we need to save the Hoard?

The Crown Office in Scotland has offered National Museums Scotland the opportunity to acquire the Galloway Hoard. To do this, we must raise £1.98 million – the amount at which the Hoard has been valued. These funds are required by the Crown Office to make an ex gratia payment to the finder – the process is explained on the Treasure Trove website here. If we cannot raise the funds required to purchase the Galloway Hoard then its future is uncertain – we don’t know what would happen to it (that is a matter for the Crown Office), but we do know that it would not be acquired for the national collections, where it would be safeguarded for future generations, conserved and researched. There is a risk that it could end up on the open market or in private hands, or could even leave the country. We want to guarantee that the Galloway Hoard belongs to the people of Scotland now, and into the future and that we have the opportunity to uncover all that it has to tell us about the Viking Age.

How much money do you have to raise?

We have to raise £1.98 million to save the Hoard, and in addition we need to raise additional funds to properly conserve, research and prepare the Galloway Hoard for display, so it can be enjoyed by visitors from Scotland, the rest of the UK and internationally.

Why should the Hoard be part of the national collections?

National Museums Scotland wishes to acquire the Galloway Hoard since it is of considerable national and international significance. Acquisition by National Museums Scotland will save it for the nation for the long term and ensure that the Hoard is seen by the maximum number of people, from Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, the UK and internationally.

Can I see the Hoard?

A selection of the Hoard's extraordinary treasures is on display, for a limited time at the National Museum of Scotland.

What can I do to help?

You can help save the Galloway Hoard, but we don’t have much time. Donate now to secure the Hoard and help us unlock its secrets.

What if you exceed the £1.98m target?

Should we be successful in raising all the funds required to save the Galloway Hoard, it is vital that we immediately begin work on its conservation. Any funds raised in addition to our £1.98 million target will be used for its conservation, research and display, ensuring that the Hoard is fully understood, preserved and accessible for generations to come.

Header image: Curator Martin Goldberg with a brooch from the Galloway Hoard.


Save the Galloway Hoard

Be among the first to see unique and rare Viking-age objects that have lain hidden for a thousand years.

The Galloway Hoard

The Galloway Hoard brings together the richest collection of rare and unique Viking-age objects ever found in Britain or Ireland.
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