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Our collections from Asia represent its cultural diversity. More than 50,000 items from across the continent allow an insight into artistic exchange, trade relations, imperial histories and religious beliefs.

East and Central Asian Collections

The museum’s holdings of Chinese, Japanese and Korean material include pieces of national and international importance. They include ceramics, glass, lacquer, clothing and textiles, ivories, furniture, jade, bronzes, prints and painting, arms and armour. 

West, South and Southeast Asian Collections

Holding more than 17,000 items, our collections from West, South and Southeast Asia give an insight into the past and the present lives of people in a geographical area that spans from Turkey to the Philippines and Kazakhstan to Yemen and Malaysia.

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Meet the team

Friederike Voigt
Principal Curator, West, South and Southeast Asian collections

Responsibility: Head of the Asia Section. Curation and development of the collections from West, South and Southeast Asia.

Research interests: Collecting histories and practices, West and South Asian arts and crafts, Iranian material culture, Scottish Orientalism.


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Lauren Barnes
Assistant Curator: Asia; Acting Curator Chinese, Himalayan and Korean collections’

Responsible for: Supporting the curators responsible for East Asia, with an emphasis on the Korean collections.

Research Interests: The history and practices of collecting, Asian ceramics, and the material cultures of Korea – especially that of the Goryeo Dynasty, the Joseon Dynasty and the 20th and 21st centuries.


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Dr Louise Boyd
Curator, Japanese and Ainu collections

Responsible for: The Japanese and Ainu collections.

Research interests: Edo-period art and culture, ukiyo-e, Kitagawa Utamaro, the work of female artists, the history of collecting and collections, and issues relating to gender and sexuality.


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Rosanna Nicolson
Assistant Curator, West, South and Southeast Asia

Responsible for: Working with the collections from West, South and Southeast Asia, with special responsibility for the development and interpretation of the Southeast Asian holdings.

Research interests: Southeast Asia; textiles; Buddhist material culture; photography; collecting histories.


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