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Meet the team

Meet our curators and staff

Looking for someone? You'll find our staff listed by Collections area below.

If you are unsure of who to contact, please contact our Department Administrators Iona Diver and Clare Hyatt at (0131 247 4230 or 0131 247 4019).

Dr John Giblin

Keeper of Global Arts, Cultures and Design

Dr John Giblin is Keeper for the Department of Global Arts, Cultures and Design. He is responsible for the department, its staff, collections and projects. His research interests lie in Archaeology, Anthropology, Art, Critical Heritage Studies, Empire and Participatory Practice.
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Friederike Voigt
Principal Curator, West, South and Southeast Asian collections

Responsibility: Head of the Asia Section. Curation and development of the collections from West, South and Southeast Asia.

Research interests: Collecting histories and practices, West and South Asian arts and crafts, Iranian material culture, Scottish Orientalism.


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Lauren Barnes
Assistant Curator, Asia

Responsible for: Supporting the curators responsible for East Asia, with an emphasis on the Korean collections.

Research Interests: The history and practices of collecting, Asian ceramics, and the material cultures of Korea – especially that of the Goryeo Dynasty, the Joseon Dynasty and the 20th and 21st centuries.


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Dr Louise Boyd
Curator, Japanese and Ainu collections

Responsible for: The Japanese and Ainu collections.

Research interests: Edo-period art and culture, ukiyo-e, Kitagawa Utamaro, the work of female artists, the history of collecting and collections, and issues relating to gender and sexuality.


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Rosanna Nicolson
Assistant Curator, West, South and Southeast Asia

Responsible for: Working with the collections from West, South and Southeast Asia, with special responsibility for the development and interpretation of the Southeast Asian holdings.

Research interests: Southeast Asia; textiles; Buddhist material culture; photography; collecting histories.


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European Decorative Arts

Dr Godfrey Evans
Principal Curator, European Decorative Arts

Collection responsibility: European precious and base metalwork, sculpture, ceramics, glass, enamels, and arms and armour from c.1200 to 1850.

Research interests: Hamilton Palace and the collections of the Dukes of Hamilton; Continental silver; and Scottish fireclay sculpture.


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Helen Wyld
Senior Curator of Historic Textiles

Collection responsibility: European and Scottish textiles and dress, 1400 to 1850.

Research interest: European tapestry, 1400 to the present; textiles and the sacred in early modern Europe; Renaissance jewels; early modern domestic embroidery; Scottish pre-industrial textile production; Jacobite material culture; collections and collectors, 1850-1950.


Stephen Jackson
Senior Curator, Furniture and Woodwork

Collection responsibility: British and European furniture and woodwork (and musical instruments, excluding bagpipes).

Research interests: Scottish furniture makers and manufacturers; representations and perceptions of domestic life and material culture in early modern Scotland.


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Dr Emily Taylor
Assistant Curator, European Decorative Arts

Collection responsibility: Working with European Decorative Arts collections before 1850, specialist in fashion and textiles 1700-1900.

Research interests: Dress and identity, European sartorial cultures and global influences, performative dress and fancy dress costume, garment construction and materials, collectors and collecting.


The Mediterranean, Africa, Americas, and Oceania

Dr Margaret Maitland
Principal Curator, Ancient Mediterranean

Responsible for: Head of the Mediterranean, Africa, Americas and Oceania Section, with an emphasis on the Ancient Mediterranean collections.

Research interests: Middle Kingdom Egyptian culture, especially tomb decoration, tomb models, and literature; society and identity; the history of early Egyptology.


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Dr Daniel Potter
Assistant Curator, Ancient Mediterranean

Responsible for: Working with the Ancient Mediterranean collections.

Research interests: Ramesside Egyptian religion, texts and language. Pragmatics and Cognitive Linguistics. Early Egyptology, collectors and collecting.


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Dr Ali Clark
Senior Curator, Oceania and the Americas

Responsible for: Collections from Oceania and the Americas.

Research interests: Collecting histories, climate change, ethnobotany, land rights, and contemporary Oceanic art.


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Dr Zachary Kingdon
Senior Curator, African Collections

Collection responsibility: Collections from Africa

Research interest: African colonial histories and agency, histories of colonial collecting, anthropology of creative practice, museology and participatory practice


Nikki Grout
Project Curator, Reveal and Connect: African and Caribbean Collections in Scottish Museums

Project responsibility: Working with project partners to conduct a national review of African and Caribbean collections in Scottish museums.

Research interests: African collecting and exhibition histories; international museum collaborations; histories of museum training programmes; museums and decolonisation


Victoria Adams
Assistant Curator, Oceania, Americas and Africa

Responsible for: Working with collections from Oceania, the Americas, and Africa.

Research interests: Peruvian archaeological textiles and ceramics; indigenous art; and museological collaborations with source communities.


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Heather Richardson
Assistant Curator of African and Ancient Mediterranean Collections

Collections responsibility: Supporting the curators of Africa and the Ancient Mediterranean; working with collections from Africa and the Ancient Mediterranean.

Research interest: Museological collaborations with source communities; original repairs and re-used objects found in world cultures collections; ethical issues surrounding the collecting and restitution of World Cultures collections; Northwest Coast art


Modern and Contemporary Design

Georgina Ripley
Principal Curator, Modern and Contemporary Design

Collection responsibility: Head of the Modern & Contemporary design section, specialising in fashion and textiles from 1850 to the present day, and the development of the contemporary fashion collections.

Research interests: Jean Muir (fl. 1962-1995); contemporary couture and new technologies in fashion; constructs of masculinity in contemporary menswear and image-making; diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry.


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Sarah Rothwell
Senior Curator, Modern & Contemporary Design

Collection responsibility: British, European and other ‘Western’ glass, ceramics, metalware, jewellery and industrial design circa 1945 – present.

Research interests: Nordic and British Modernist Jewellery Design, Contemporary Craft with a focus on Ceramics, Glass and Jewellery, 20th century European Art and Design and the integration and interpretation of historical collections by working artists and makers.


Claire Blakey
Curator, Modern Decorative Arts

Collection responsibility: European ceramics, glass, precious and base metalwork from circa 1800 to 1945.

Research interests: Staffordshire ceramics, especially Minton & Co.; British pottery made for export; printing on pottery; the Renaissance revival in Britain and Italy.


Lisa Mason
Assistant Curator, Modern and Contemporary Design

Collection responsibility: Working with fashion and textiles from 1850 to the present day.

Research interests: Post-war textile design in Britain, émigré designers, artist textiles and modern tapestry.


Carys Wilkins
Assistant Curator, Modern and Contemporary Design

Collection responsibility: Providing curatorial support across the Art and Design department, focussed on modern and contemporary collections, including exhibitions and enquiries.

Research interests: Furniture and product design circa 1900 – present, design anthropology, design and the art market.


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