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Friederike Voigt

Friederike Voigt
Friederike Voigt
Principal Curator, West, South and Southeast Asian collections
Responsibility: Head of the Asia Section. Curation and development of the collections from West, South and Southeast Asia.
Research interests: Collecting histories and practices, West and South Asian arts and crafts, Iranian material culture, Scottish Orientalism.

Friederike Voigt is Principal Curator with responsibility for the West, South and Southeast Asia collections and Head of Asia Section.

She is fascinated by the human aspects encapsulated in museum collections.

Her research and acquisitions for the museum are driven by questions about the technical skills and material knowledge of makers and artists. She uses artefacts from the collections in her responsibility to make visible what is difficult to observe: values, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs of the cultures from which they originate.

A specialist in Iranian material culture, her examination of 19th-century figurative tilework preserved in European museums has allowed her to demonstrate the role of architectural imagery in the shaping of Iranian national identity during the Qajar period.

With a particular focus on Scotland, she interrogates the multitude of perspectives of individuals involved in the British empire in India and the impact of Edinburgh’s learned institutions on the collecting and interpretation of imperial objects in the 18th to early 20th centuries. The results of her research have informed special exhibitions, displays in permanent galleries and co-curation projects at National Museums Scotland. 

She is keen to share her knowledge about the collections and to learn more from different perspectives on them by making them accessible as a source for creative inspiration, public engagement and cross-disciplinary academic research. Her collaborations with artists and community groups have helped to reinterpret and grow the collections. 

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Voigt, F. 2020 “Mementoes of power and conquest: Sikh jewellery in the collection of National Museums Scotland”, in H. Lidchi and S. Allan (eds) Dividing the spoils: perspectives on military collections and the British empire, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 247-68.

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Reiche, I. and Voigt, F. 2012 “The master potter Ali Muhammad Isfahani: Insights into the production of decorative underglaze painted tiles in 19th century Iran”, in E. Howell and P. Vandenabeele (eds) Analytical Archaeometry: Selected Topics, Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry, 502-31.

For further publications see the National Museums Scotland Research Repository.

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