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Header image: Artist’s impression of Atopodentatus. Image courtesy of Yu Wang, Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoantropology.

Sorting the Jurassic jumble

Re-examining the mammal-like herbivores of the Scottish Middle Jurassic.

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Fossil Motherlodes

Discoveries of occurrences of exceptionally preserved fossils.

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When is a dinosaur an ostrich?

Why we may have to wait for the Jurassic Park experience.

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Fossil embryo

An exquisitely preserved fossil of an embryo of extinct marine reptile has been described from China from rocks that are about 245 million years old.

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Brains and behaviour

A new study into brains and behaviour in extinct mammals and birds.

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Jurassic fossil from Skye

A Jurassic fossil from Skye provides first evidence of milk producing mammals in Scotland.

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Environmental enrichment for captive Killer whales

A look at how environmental enrichment affects captive Killer whale skeletons by mimicking natural behaviours.

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A new Triassic discovery

Meet Pectodens zhenyuensis, the latest Middle Triassic fossil of southern China to be described.

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