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Persian leopard

From Feed the Birds to Do Not Feed the Animals

This collaborative project looks at the roots of animal feeding, to establish the benefits and risk to humans, animals and the environment.

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West CO 1

Rocks and the Rise of Ordovician Life

This is a collaborative project that aims to better understand the dynamics of biodiversification during the Early Palaeozoic.

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This UK-wide collaboration has created the UK’s first comprehensive zoological biobank for research and conservation. CryoArks is funded by BBSRC (BBR) and is a consortium of Museums, Zoos, Academic Institutions and Biobanks.

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Artist’s impression of what scientists believe ‘Ribbo’ would have looked like in life, some 350 million years ago as it roamed the Tweed basin. Sketch by Dr Mike Coates, University of Chicago.

TWeed (Tetrapod World: early evolution and diversity)

This was a significant collaborative project with five partner organisations to investigate how the earliest tetrapods evolved.

The TWeed project
Shale from a Solite quarry in North Carolina

Virginia Solite Quarry

Straddling the Virginia–North Carolina state-line, the Virginia Solite Quarry ranks as one of the most important Triassic sites anywhere in the world.

Virginia Solite Quarry
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